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Anne Curtis, Erwann Heussaff discuss learnings amid pandemic

Erwan Heussaff recently posted a video of him, Anne and Baby Dahlia on a weekend getaway somewhere in Australia.

To make it relevant for viewers, the couple talked about life in general during the whole time.

Erwan shared, “Driving is therapeutic — zone out and find a place of absolute focus. You’re both in the moment yet your mind is excited about the destination.”

“Those are the emotions that I longed for this year, being in control of your own isolation, you know,” he declared.

Meanwhile, Anne added, “I feel like we’ve taken so many things for granted over the years — going into the woods, dipping my toes in a cold river, falling asleep under the stars and just the idea of belonging to something bigger than us. Waking up with nothing to do for the day.”

Then Anne declared how their baby girl also “taught” them to slow down and appreciate what’s around them and be grateful for what they have.

“Through her we kind of get to experience it all again. We really need to do better for the little one,” Erwan ended.

Watch their whole trip here: https://youtu.be/AwxoZgckEmA


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