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Cooking made more ‘SIMPOL’

Chef Tatung has been internationally recognized for his incredible knowledge of local Filipino cuisine. /PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CHEF MYKE ‘TATUNG’ SARTHOU

If you’re wracking your brains trying to think of your family’s next merienda or ulam, chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou’s new book, Simpol the Cookbook, could hold the answer to your every question.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, this fourth book by chef Tatung comes in handy as it presents recipes of over 101 cherished Filipino classic dishes that may be replicated with its easy-to-follow steps.

“This book is a celebration of our success.

We also thought of putting QR codes that when scanned, will direct readers to video recipes we think will also help them cook at home,” chef Tatung said during Simpol’s virtual launch a week ago.

Recipes at Simpol are written in the most uncomplicated ways with the most basic ingredients and the most fundamental kitchen techniques.

Chef Tatung added, “Why complicate things that you can easily do? Simpol is done the way it is to make good food accessible to more people.

The most important thing is more Filipinos are now able to eat delicious meals.”

While some of these recipes already came out in other publications, chef Tatung thought it best to tweak it and make everyday home cooking fun and creative.

“Elegance of simplicity is to remove what you do not need.

What is important are those essential and that you do it right,” he said.

Chef Tatung currently hosts the popular online cooking show of the same name.

The program now has over one million subscribers between its Facebook and YouTube channels.

He is also the resident chef of Umagang Kay Ganda.


FILIPINO classic dishes explained and written in the simplest of ways are inside ‘Simpol.’

He has also shared the stage with the food industry’s biggest names during the Asia Madrid Fusion 2017 in Spain where he talked about Mindanao’s undiscovered cuisine.

One might also recognize him from the Netflix show Street Food where he discussed the evolution of street food in Cebu.

Before all of this attention, chef Tatung was known because of his restaurant in Quezon City that offers hearty and delicious meals such as the Tausug-inspired, blackened and coconut-infused Chicken Piyanggang.

He was also quite known for his version of bibingka cheesecake, tsok-nut cake and pitchi-pitchi with torched quezo de bola topping.

“Food is incredibly powerful in how it speaks to our values as a nation and people,” chef Tatung added.

“It is important then to continually pass on our knowledge about cooking in a clear and understandable way to reach as many people as possible.

Making cooking simpol and less intimidating allows the story behind each dish to thrive in the hearts and minds of Filipinos everywhere.”

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