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The Art of Romanticizing Life

Learn to romanticize your life. What an odd thing to learn don’t you think? The first time I heard this phrase I thought it was quite odd too. At first glance, it makes you laugh. Then once it sinks in, it leaves you in a daze. And once it’s finally settled deep into your mind, it opens your eyes. You see we live in a world that makes us feel like we’re in a never-ending whirlpool of negativity. From the destruction of our environment to corrupt politics and even the romanticism of mental health issues. And often when we talk about the negatives of life the only response is “find the silver lining,” or “there is good in everything.” Both of which aren’t wrong but often come with a set of momentary habits. Yes, we may eventually become positive and optimistic people but it doesn’t mean that we have learned to take the time to appreciate the little things.

Stop, and smell the roses
Romanticizing life is more than viewing the world like a glass half full. It’s taking the time to appreciate the little things. Like that very first breath after you wake up. Or that steaming hot cup of coffee with two milks and two sugars. It’s about realizing how the most mundane things can still be magical no matter how small it is. Because in a world polluted by corruption and destruction a little bit of magic never hurts.

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There are too many things that we’ve subconsciously learned to fall into that drag us down. Such as those really sad, heartbreaking quotes we see online but have instead classified as “deep”. Or learning to be frightened of new experiences because we have been taught that known is safe. That’s why we forget that the greatest discoveries and moments come from outside our comfort zones. Those memories are the ones that have shaped us into who we are. You know exactly what I’m referring to. They’re the memories that still randomly pop up in your thoughts that have the power to make you smile instantly or energize you into being your best self.

You see, we become so consumed by what is coming that we have forgotten to appreciate what is here. We have molded our minds to believe that if what we’ve done hasn’t been shared with the world it didn’t happen. That’s why we’re more consumed with having the perfect filters on our pictures and making sure that every imperfection in our lives is hidden that we forget that imperfections are beautiful. Not because they make us who we are or that they make us unique but because imperfections are what make every moment that much more special. Those imperfections are present because at that moment you didn’t care about the opinion of others or the number of likes you’ll get. Instead, you lived that moment. Those imperfections are proof that you’ve stopped and smelled the roses around you.

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Here’s To New Beginnings
My mom used to tell me that it’s okay to fall and that there’s no shame in messing up as long as I got up and didn’t ever give up trying to make things right. And now that my friends and I are reaching the end of our teenage years and are beginning to welcome our twenties, looking back at the past has been interesting. Our mistakes and successes brought us to where we are now. From the partying, the late-night study sessions, broken bones, and spontaneous adventures to the overwhelming emotions, the breakdowns, and the laughs. It’s truly an eye-opening experience.

We’ve become aware that we are a culmination of everyone and everything that has crossed our paths. Yet, as we approach the gateway of our twenties we’ve begun to hold on to our mistakes trying to find ways to be better, stronger. To be like a snake and shed our old skin and to enter this upcoming chapter brand new. Or like a phoenix rising from the ashes of our mistakes reborn with a new appreciation for life and a better understanding of right and wrong. These realizations and wants to turn over a new leaf has us embarking on a journey towards building a fulfilling life.

And rather than falling into the same pattern of wanting to do better and not following through, we are learning to take a better approach. An approach that teaches us that the baby steps we take to improve are worthy of being celebrated. And that no matter how much we’ve messed up in the past it doesn’t define us rather what we are choosing to do now to turn things around does. Because romanticizing our lives isn’t just about appreciating the small things around us but also learning to appreciate and acknowledge our own efforts.

Don’t Stop Believing
Life is guaranteed to keep knocking us down regardless of our age. It’s what always keeps us on our toes. But, what’s important is that we never stop believing that things can get better. You see the mind is a very powerful thing. That’s why once you train it to not just look at the good in life but to find the beauty in everything even the bad it changes who you are as a person.

As a Muslim, I am taught that no matter how much one sins isn’t really what matters at the end of the day but rather whether or not he will go to God (Allah) and repent. In life, I’ve found that the reason people often struggle with romanticizing their life or getting better is that they believe that they aren’t worthy of forgiveness or that they are incapable of growth. Which is far from the truth.

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We are all worthy of forgiveness just like we are all capable of growth. The problem comes when we lose faith in our loved ones, society, but more importantly ourselves. We control our actions. We can say whatever we want, believe whatever we want, and try to convince whoever we want. But, our actions prove whether or not we are actually ready to make amends. And that only shows when we start believing in our own worthiness again. Be it by pretending to be the main character of a movie to help you feel like there’s a written plan for you. Or just by moving one day at a time. Regardless of what you choose to do keep in mind that belief and follow through go hand in hand.

So, next time you find yourself in a rut and you just can’t get yourself moving take a deep breath and really look around you. Because you might not realize it but there are so much to believe in and so many reasons to romanticize your life. Cause who wouldn’t want a little magic in their lives right.

By Ayah Barghout


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