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Digital startup improves lives of underprivileged youth


At age 25, Pearl de Guzman is now a champion of business — by way of her business reality show Project GO, that is.

Laser-focused on alleviating the situation of underprivileged youth, De Guzman mounted Staffz — a digital solutions startup bridging opportunities to young urban poor.

Starting with a dream to allow less-privileged children to dream big, Staffz is now the first-ever champion of the AXN reality show. The victory gave the startup P1-million funding and lifelong learnings from productive bootcamps.

Unraveling the inspiration behind Staffz, Pearl told Daily Tribune, “We needed to address the root of the problem, that is, the lack of real opportunities that would enable them to learn and develop skills that would get them to financially rewarding careers.”

DE Guzman receives her Project GO award.

Staffz went beyond being a job portal and now provides capacity-building training programs that will help its aspirants launch their respective careers in the digital space.

With a promising pool of content creators from urban poor, Staffz offers cost-effective services for small to medium enterprises around the world. Potential clients only need to check (www.hirestaffz.work) to avail themselves of its services.

Derek Wong, vice president of KC Global Media, Project GO’s showrunner, praised Staffz for its “truly innovative and empathic business model.”

It is the right victory, according to him, as it resonates with the show’s goal to “turn dreams into reality.”

While this accolade molded a name for Staffz, Pearl admitted facing a personal dilemma before finding the right tempo to build it.

“I realized that Staffz is not about me. I was doubting myself because I was so obsessed about what others would think of me,” Pearl shared.

But after overcoming this debacle through a mind shift, Pearl led her team and did tasks piece by piece, step by step.

Encouraging others to take the same leap of faith, Pearl remarked, “Sometimes, you just have to get yourself out there, do it and take comfort in the thought that when you do something from the heart, the rest will follow.”

PEARL, Anne Beatriz Dungo and Angel Faith Mendoza of STAFFZ in one of their digital meetings.


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