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Unlock your New Year’s resolutions

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Getting through 2020 even without a new skill learned is acceptable for many, but with the promise of vaccines becoming more accessible very soon, there’s little excuse to ramp up one’s A-game. And especially with the turnover of a new year.

Achieve your New Year’s resolution by upscaling your knowledge with 2021’s first salvo of webinars:

Takoyaki, Belgian Waffle and

Crepe-Making Seminar

8 January, 10 a.m.

To acquire franchises of Takoyaki, Belgian waffle and crepe stores could be pricey, so why not create your own? That way, you are able to put your own touch after learning the basics.

This event can equip you with the fundamentals of creating these food products. Drop by and learn at www.facebook.com/events/.

A Projected Vision Student Film Festival

8 January, 5 p.m.

Through this film presentation, the University of the Philippines Broadcasting Association shares information and updates on the new learning systems.

Photograph courtesy of fb/HarbestEdibleGarderners’Club

Check out this event at www.facebook.com/events.

Work From Home Online Workshop

8 January, 6 p.m.

The pandemic has caused millions of Filipinos to lose their jobs. Freelancing is something that everyone can pursue as long as they are equipped with the right skills.

This online event is the best way to jumpstart your freelancing journey. Register at www.facebook.com/events.

How to Propagate


9 January, 9 a.m.

Gardening and anything connected to plants have been a staple in everyone’s quarantine experience. But more than a good décor to perk up a space, plants, specifically herbs, are something that should be rediscovered for holistic health purposes.

Join this talk and understand how you can make your patch of space herbal wonderland. The event can be accessed through www.facebook.com/event.

Asenso sa Bakuran: Hog Production 101

9 January,

2 p.m.

Going beyond home gardening is this webinar on hog production. With people becoming more confident about moving to rural areas, venturing into pig farming could later evolve into a thriving business.

Learn the basics of getting into hog production at www.facebook.com/events/.

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