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Why this Filipino teacher wrote to 9-year-old vlogger Ryan Kaji

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The internet is vast and one usually gets lost into its abyss without knowing it was happening. Parents and guardians should all be on their toes watching over the children as they “roam” around the digital universe.

Most of the toddlers first taste of screen time is via YouTube shows. Mostly start with educational shows, but, as time passes by, children know how to click other shows and links and explore on their own.

One of the shows that has become a favorite is the YT channel Ryan’s Toy Review which started in 2015. With 27.9 million subscribers, one can only imagine the influence it has over their viewers who are mostly children. Parents and guardians would often take a peek at what the kids are watching which was also the case for Filipino teacher and aunt to a six-year-old girl.

Being a guardian and an educator, Adie Isidro can very well relate to children who love watching Ryan’s World (former Ryan’s Toy Review) on You Tube, but she is hoping for more positive influences from Ryan and his family.

An Open Letter to Ryan’s Toy Review (Kaji Family/ Ryan’s World) ( (sent also via email)Dear Ryan’s Toy…

Posted by Adie Isidro on Friday, January 1, 2021

In an open letter (and e-mails) to the family, Adie started the off by complimenting Ryan on how he is well loved by children all over the world. “She watches your videos in most of her waking hours (and I guess, many kids around the worlld would be doing the same thing). She sometimes thinks that Ryan is her best friend, and her older cousins would sometimes pretend to be Ryan in Zoom calls.”

But as a guardian and a teacher, she was hoping Ryan can teach more than just the joys of unboxing toys gifted to him. Concerned with all the plastic wrappers that go to waste after, she hopes that the show can teach their viewers on how to dispose waster properly. “Maybe, you can also promote reusing or recycling some plastic containers in your merchandise (I just found out that your electric toothbrush is not rechargeable and its bristles are not replaceable).”

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As parents and guardians, we also try to shield the children from the harsh realities of the world but not to the point that they are clueless of what’s happening outside. Adie hopes that Ryan and his family will be able to add videos on teaching children to be more empathic.

“I can’t help but think of poor families who would have access to your vides, but would not have enough money to buy the toys that you feature. And I feel for them,” she wrote. Since Ryan is very influential, she hopes that Ryan can teach other kids the importance of taking care of the earth and the people around you.

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After all, these children are the future and we must teach them to take care of our planet and the people around us. “I don’t know how you will do this, but I trust that you will be able to come up with something. Looking forward to your response and action on these requests before we totally lose our common home and before we lose our concern for others in how we guide the future generation.”


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