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GOT7’s lifelong ‘encore’ for fans

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/GOT7 A FRESH start for GOT7 (from left, clockwise): Jinyoung, JB, Mark, Youngjae, Bambam, Jackson and Yugyeom.

Musical artists grant an encore with one or two performances for their appreciative audience. But in the case of GOT7 which obviously has a strong bond with their fans, it seems like they’ll give endless encores for the latter.

Despite signing into different agencies and pursuing solo projects after departing from their longtime label JYP Entertainment last January, it’s the new beginning of a promise by the seven-member group.

Their newest song “Encore” is a gift and a fulfillment of their vow to the Aghases (the group’s fandom name). It is their first song after parting ways with JYP.

Released on 20 February, the music video shows the group’s strong bond while recording the song, comfortably and genuinely having the best time together. Its nostalgic, heartwarming promise of a song also brought fans to tears through sentimental lyrics such as “We will sing for you, even as time passes,” and “Everything about you is a gift,” which is mixed with the sweet, honey-like vocals of the group.

Members Jinyoung and Mark had a hand in creating the song and music video of “Encore,” as the composer and lyricist, and the video’s executive producer respectively.

“More than anything else, we wanted to express our feelings through a song,” Yugyeom said.

JAY B quipped, “And we made a promise with our fans, so we’re here to keep that promise.”

All of GOT7 assured fans that they are always “one,” and that the group will “always continue to sing the encore.”

“Let’s always be together, everyone,” Youngjae said.

The video fades into black with fans chanting “encore,” accompanied by clips from the group’s 2019 GOT7 “Keep Spinning” in Manila that happened in October 2019.

“Encore” has amassed 3.4 million views less than 24 hours since its release and reached number 1 on iTunes in 50 countries. It was released on the group’s new and official YouTube channel, which has more than 1 million subscribers. It had also peaked on the YouTube music video worldwide trends.

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