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Shop the season’s chic minimalist look from this sustainable collection

Swedish fashion retailer H&M once again proves its dedication to sustainability in fashion with the release of their women’s spring 2021 collection. Taking yet another bold step toward its ambitious goal to only use 100 percent recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2023, H&M makes use of its innovative Agraloop Biofibre, a new material made from agricultural waste from oilseed hemp production.

“We have been in the sustainability journey for over two decades now and we still have a long way to go. Sustainability is only the means to an end, and ultimately, our goal is to move to a circular system where we can maximize our resources and minimize wastes,” says Dan Mejia, H&M Philippines’ head of communications and press. “The circular system will enable the industry not to be dependent on virgin resources, which means that we will keep using existing resources like used textiles and wastes over and over again; and that’s the idea behind Agraloop Biofibre, Pinatex, Bloom Foam and other innovative materials we have introduced today and in the past—to reimagine wastes.”

One of the challenges for sustainable fashion is the surging price points. But for H&M, staying true to its business vision of making fashion available for everyone, they remain steadfast in offering sustainable choices at affordable prices.

“We want to democratize sustainable fashion. We believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible and affordable for everyone,” says Dan. “If you can remember, we had Conscious Exclusive collections before, this served as incubators for new innovative materials, and today some of these materials have been scaled and used in our regular everyday collections.”

The collection’s Mindy organic linen short dress is priced at P1,690, while the Beatriz hoodie partially made with Agraloop Biofibre is only priced P899. Also, one of the chicest pieces from this offering is the Primrose trench coat, made from Agraloop Biofibre and organic cotton, comes only with a P4,490 price tag.

In design, the collection boasts of a refreshing take on the sporty ‘90s minimalist aesthetic dipped in neutral tones of beige, ecru, gray, and black. Even with the current situation happening all over the world, fashion takes into account the times we live in today and reflects them in the collections.

“The pandemic situation is undeniably our biggest influence today. This year, it’s all about beautiful luxurious neutrals, from light, soft hues, to uplifting brights, pale pastels, and timeless darks, you’ll find all these colors and prints in our collections throughout the year,” Dan continues. “For example, our recently launched collections like the Loungewear collaboration with English poet Yrsa Daley-Ward in neutrals and soft hues, the H&M Studio SS21 with uplifting brights like neon yellow and orange, to our brand new concept called Innovation Story featuring pale pastels.”

The H&M spring 2021 collection launches tomorrow, March 25, and will be available in select stores nationwide. To guarantee safer shopping experience, one can purchase the collection through its website www.hm.com.

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