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‘SNL’ parodies COVID-19 spring break with ‘Snatched, Vaxed or Waxed’ game show

Saturday Night Live (SNL) took aim at the recent influx of college Spring Breakers with its newest cold-open — a game show centered on whether contestants were attractive or given the COVID-19 vaccine.

The show, featured in an MTV format and named “Snatched, Vaxed or Waxed,” was hosted by former cast member Maya Rudolph.

“We are so close to the end, let’s ruin it,” said Rudolph’s character Cece Vuvuzela of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“OK guys, when I say fourth, you say wave — fourth wave!”

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Rudolph then explained the rules of the game, with contestants having to guess whether some ladies either had physiques that were “right and tight,” vaccinated or were waxed.

After the last contestant finished describing herself, a siren began playing in the distance — which Rudolph mistook as a sign to continue taking shots in order to keep the party going.

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“I’m Cece Vuvuzela, and it was all worth it,” she exclaimed as the building started going up in smoke.

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