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‘Hospital Playlist’ returns with a second season this June

A recently released video by tvN in South Korea features behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew during the first script reading for its second season held earlier this year

(Courtesy of Soompi) 

‘Hospital Playlist’ is a television series that tackles the lives of five doctors at Yulje Medical Center. In its first season, we got a glimpse of how their friendship began back in medical school, and we were left with an open-ended ending on who ends up with whom in their group of tandems and romances. With just too many question marks left for viewers to speculate on, it was just right for the producers to push through with a second seasons—hopefully to address these cliffhangers.

In the video recently released by tvN, we see Cho Jung Seok who plays Ik-Joon, Yoo Yeon Seok who plays Jeong-Won, Jung Kyoung Ho, who plays Jun-Wan, Kim Dae Myung who plays Seok-Hyeong, and Jeon Mi Do who plays Song Hwa. Although he doesn’t stay for the whole script reading ceremony, we get a sight of child star Kim Joon, who plays the adorable Woo Joo, getting a hug from his on-screen dad Cho Jung Seok. The main cast were also accompanied by the rest of the ‘Hospital Playlist’ gang including writer Lee Woo Jung and director Shin Won Ho.

(Courtesy of tvN Korea) 

It is yet to be announced whether a partnership with an OTT Platform would be arranged for viewing outside South Korea, but it’s first episode is scheduled June 17, 2021.

Will your ship finally sail this season? Would we have another last-song-syndrome from Cho Jung Seok? Would Song Hwa finally get to sing a song well? What new medical term are we yet to find out? Fret not, because these questions will be answered very soon.

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