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Misplaced inanity

To those imputing partisan intent on the setting up of so-called community pantries should have the common sense of knowing what is innate in Filipinos and the requirements of the critical situation.

The spontaneous act was obviously brought out by the need to fill a gap in the community, which later on more Filipinos picked up on.

It is the embodiment of the famed line of former US President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address when he spoke his famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

President Rodrigo Duterte hailed the movement as an appropriate response for his call for Filipinos to come together in the tradition of bayanihan.

The simplistic association of the volunteer efforts to the far left is self-defeating since it only exposes the shortcomings of those tasked with the provision of the basic needs of the destitute.

If at all, it should be the lookout of local governments, since the initiative let out in the open the inadequacy of the social assistance schemes in particular communities.

Had such a system been accessible and reliable, those who have the means would have an easier time to help rather than having the uncomfortable thought of donations not going to those who are in dire need.

The President directed those in government inquiring on the food drive to stay clear since, in whatever respect, the suspicions are far less important than the assistance being rendered.

It is also good that some agencies have picked on the effort, thus, multiplying those who are looking after the needs of communities.

Also, propaganda on whatever side should be given a rest since it taints the pure intention of the pursuit that already is producing fruits in stoking more of the same throughout the nation.

There are messages that should be delivered to the government, but feeding the hungry must come first and it should not be exploited.

If indeed infiltration is present, the best approach should be to regain the trust of those being seduced and to device earnest efforts for the welfare of the people.

As the President and some experts have indicated, pandemic fatigue is evident in the people who are now looking for anybody to accompany them in overcoming their current predicament.

Complacency is the worst enemy of those in government who believe that people have inexhaustible patience and can live by despite the economic hardships.

The national government provides the resources to tide over the nation amid the health crisis, and local officials and agencies have the task of making sure that the assistance goes to those who are most in need.

The reality facing most communities now is that many families were economically devastated by the social restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, and that they would need all help possible just to survive day by day.

The enemy is the virus, not those who seek to augment what government has to offer.

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