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Onic obliterates Bren Esports, sweeps group matches vs reigning MPL and world champs

Photo from Onic PH

Onic PH reasserted its dominance over defending champion Bren Esports as it posted a 2-0 sweep in the MPL Philippines Season 7 on Saturday night, April 24.

Onic overhauled a huge disadvantage in Game 1 behind Jaylord “Hate” Gonzales’ Bruno before veteran Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera’s Barats took charge in the lopsided Game 2 victory.

The two-time MPL runner-up squad scored a repeat win and even improved its 2-1 triumph over the MPL Season 6 and M2 World Championship winning team.

Onic also snapped Bren’s three-game winning streak while getting back-to-back wins after its 2-1 beating of Cignal Ultra on Friday.

Onic snatched away the No. 3 spot in Group A from Bren with 10 points on a 4-2 series win-loss record. Bren fell to No. 4 still with nine markers on a 3-4 slate.

Coach Kyle “Ryo” Berceño’s boys remained unfazed despite seeing all their turrets go down in Game 1 as Hate’s Bruno took over in the late game with the help of Jason “Jay” Torculas’ Estes.

With Dlar’s tanky Thamuz soaking up the damage along with the zoning potential of Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s Yve and Christian “Iy4knu” Manaog’s Alice, Hate freely dealt heavy damage to steer a 3-for-1 trade for Onic including a kill on Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Harley in the 21st minute.

Hate and company went straight for the Base and completed the 16-12 comeback triumph a few moments later.

Holding the momentum, Onic utterly destroyed Bren in Game 2 with Dlar’s Barats (4-0-6 kill-death-assist) leading their unrelenting charge.

Onic secured the third Turtle take then wiped out Bren at the bottom lane. There was no stopping Dlar and the crew from going to a 17-3 romp in just nearly 11 minutes.

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