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People first

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso proved to have matured as a politician when he quickly smoked the peace pipe with Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla even before their word war escalated over the weekend.

These are two gentlemen with bright hopes in Philippine politics. Both of them do not need enemies right now, much less become rivals when their stars are still shining brightly ahead of them.

Isko, or Yorme, is being pulled out of Manila City Hall by certain quarters for him to seek the presidency in 2022. He figures very well in surveys, both in those which had been made public and in those that were commissioned by the movers and shakers in business and politics.

To say that he has a chance at winning the presidency is a safe statement, although everything will still depend on how he will carry himself through until the campaign period and the personalities that he will have to face leading to the votes.

Jonvic, meanwhile, is still a fresh face in national politics although he has been a veteran for years now. His name does not figure in the national scene and surveys, but you can bet on his stars that he can become top timber in 2028 — a rather long wait in days, but short in years in political preparations.

So, we could have stared at two future presidents when Jonvic called Isko out for a statement that questioned one of Cavite’s mayors for apparently neglecting the care of thousands of former Manila residents who were denied of ayuda for not being his constituents — yet.

That was not an irresponsible statement delivered by Isko. It was his frustration that showed in his emotion that he had to call out Naic Mayor Junio C. Dualan for bypassing nearly 2,000 families when he gave assistance to his people.

Isko had a point there because the City of Manila does not consider whether a recipient of assistance is a registered voter or not. This is not the time for that.

Dualan could not have been equipped to answer to Isko that he let Jonvic take the cudgels for him.

It was no match, of course. A governor chastising a mayor, albeit the leader of the Capital City, is not a conversation that is on equal terms.

Isko dropped Jonvic a call to explain and the Cavite leader offered his peace hand. That is maturity shown by both sides.

Going back to the root of their misunderstanding, it is fairly right for all public servants to consider extending support to anyone and everyone because it’s they who have the means and ways.

They should forget about politics, or their constituents’ affiliations, or whether they’re registered voters or not. They should just give what they have because the people need them.

It’s the driving force that gave birth to the community pantries that have now sprouted in almost every corner where there are depressed communities.

It took a while before the government agencies, military and the police caught up with it, but it’s better than never.

This is time for genuine bayanihan.

If Isko and Jonvic could prove that their people are above their own interests, the other government officials should follow their example.

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