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Who’s the real pig?

Last Monday when President Rodrigo Duterte spent what seemed like an inordinate amount of time and energy reacting to issues surrounding accused drug trafficker Leila de Lima, many misunderstood his focus given that the event was a requisite weekly briefing statutorily mandated both by law and compelled by the imperatives of a pandemic that has been inflicting record infections and fatalities for over a year now.

Quite a number could not understand what led to the President’s apparent frustrations with this loquacious and desperate accused drug trafficker, who thereafter feigned innocence and shot back saying that the President must move on from the issues surrounding her drug raps and the narco-state that would have ravaged the country had her benefactors succeeded in retaining power through Benigno Aquino III’s hand-chosen successor.

Implying that narcotics trafficking, and the institutionalization of a narco-state should take a back seat to the demands of the pandemic, note that even her retorts were nothing but unadulterated self-serving declarations that had less to do with the pandemic and more to do spinning the narrative against the President.

In Filipino she said, “Pity the public. Their loved ones are dying and yet you consider me the problem. Had you focused on your job, we would have not gotten into this situation. Stop whining.” Note the disrespect, venom and vitriol calculated to provoke and incite.

Simply situate her ploy in the context of the last few weeks when she switched from addressing governance issues and sank to insults and attacks directly wishing the worst on the President.

On Maundy Thursday, as the nation was into deep contemplation, De Lima launched direct, insulting and ad hominem attacks on the person of Duterte. She called him a pig and a sociopath. Worse, betraying the Constitution she swore to uphold, she went so far as to incite a rebellion. Allow us to quote her verbatim.

Following the private celebration of the President’s birthday, she said, “Only a real pig can exhibit such sociopathy while a nation he supposedly leads, suffers and continues down the path to destruction.”

“Tama na. Sobra sobra na ang Kalbaryong dinaanan at krus na pinasan natin sa ilalim ni Duterte. Isalba na po natin ang ating sarili at ang ating mga mahal sa buhay. Panahon nang paalisin ang buang at inutil na Pangulo sa Malacañang.”

Allow us to translate that last line as we ask ourselves if that does not clearly constitute a call to rebellion. “Now is the time to remove this fool and inutile President from Malacañang.”

On Easter Wednesday, following posts by Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go showing the President behind his desk, De Lima resumed her attacks, this time including the good senator. She accused them of being irresponsible and of “keeping the Office of the President unattended,” later declaring “no one is really in charge.”

Of Sen. Go, when he assured us that the President was simply busy with work, she accused him of dishonesty by saying, “Stop covering up for your boss and misleading us on his true capacity to lead.”

She now has so much egg all over her face, she can make an omelette. De Lima would eventually tip her hand by declaring, “Give way to VP Leni.” Wallowing in the slime of a partisan pigsty, from inside her pen she obviously busies herself slinging mud pies.

Who then is the real pig?

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