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Biggest joke ever

Putschist, demagogue and schemer Antonio Trillanes IV has thrown his hat into the 2022 ring as he volunteered himself to become the standard bearer of retired senior associate justice Antonio Carpio-led 1Sambayan.

His pretext was that Vice President Leni Robredo, the titular head of the Liberal Party (LP), is not interested in the presidency as she is seeking the gubernatorial post in Camarines Sur, a prospect which was quickly denied by Robredo’s spokesman Barry Gutierrez.

“I, together with the Magdalo group, have decided to convey to the 1Sambayan Coalition to change my status from being an alternate candidate (to VP Leni) to being a principal candidate for President to vie for the Coalition’s nomination,” was Trillanes’ presumptuous plea.

All of a sudden, the defect of the group seeking to challenge the dominant coalition for next year’s polls, which is disunity, was brought in the open, with the disparate groups competing for showing fealty to the Americans.

Their premise is that the United States government will back any strong opponent of the current administration as President Joe Biden revives the Asian pivot policy of Barack Obama.

How will Trillanes size up as a rallying figure for the opposition?

His declaration was welcomed by pro-Duterte groups since he was good for only two percent for the 2016 Vice Presidential vote and he is not expected to do any better in future polls.

Moreover, the former senator still has a string of inciting to sedition charges for this and previous administrations due to his predilection to anarchy and destabilization.

Among his notable achievements was concocting 20,000 fictitious extrajudicial killings on the war on drugs through what former US President George W. Bush called as “fuzzy math” and losing Scarborough Shoal to the Chinese when he acted as back channel of former President Noynoy Aquino.

He was later charged for being a traitor for his series of 16 secret meetings with officials in Beijing and providing information which resulted in the immediate occupation of Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly Islands by China in 2012.

Trillanes also persistently uses supposed bank transaction records allegedly sourced from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) as ammunition against Mr. Duterte which always comes out a dud.

The AMLC also belied that it supplied the purported bank transaction documents, of which the dismissed Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang claimed he was in possession.

Trillanes was also a dismissed Navy officer involved in coup d’ etats during the Arroyo administration which are the Oakwood Mutiny in July 2003, the Marine standoff last February 2006 and the Manila Peninsula siege in November 2007.

Trillanes and other members of the Magdalo mutineers who are now supporting 1Sambayan were charged with rebellion but they were cleared after being granted amnesty by Noynoy.

He was also believed to be the mastermind of the Bikoy videos that backfired on the yellow mob resulting in the further weakening of the chances of the Otso Diretso candidates in the 2019 senatorial polls.

The videos which were spread on social media platforms were found part of a well-funded plot to oust the President.

Trillanes is also facing mutiny and rebellion charges as a result of the withdrawal of the amnesty given by his yellow principal Aquino.

He faces sedition charges for uttering in a privilege speech “if the soldiers see this (hidden wealth), they will use an M60 machine gun on you (Duterte) because these are many. The magazines will be emptied if you’re looking for P40 million.”

Instead of weakening Mr. Duterte’s hold on power, Trillanes’ sinister schemes resulted to the consistent record-breaking survey ratings of the President.

Trillanes, likely, will merely act as a decoy for the eventual 1Sambayan candidate who may be fielded later on since he is only good as an expensive cannon fodder for the oppositionists.

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