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Following issue with Michael Cinco, Nova Stevens now receiving death threats

Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens claims she has been receiving various threats after Dubai-based Filipino Fashion designer Michael Cinco called her out along with MGMode for being supposedly “ungrateful.”

According to the beauty queen, she doesn’t usually dignify drama or hate with a response because she believes in peace and love as food for soul. However, because she continues to receive messages of hate, she felt the need to clarify a few things.

Among others, Nova shared how designers and pageant contestants enter into sponsorship agreements regularly.

“Just as they do at award shows or any other public event, it’s not ‘free.’ It involves an immense amount of effort+ negotiation on both sides,” she said.

“SPONSORSHIP IS NOT CHARITY; it is an agreement to lend a gown to a public wp-block-image size-large in return for PR, publicity and safe return of the gown.”

Nova noted how her team worked hard to secure a sponsorship deal with Michael without having a huge budget.

As to Michael’s “ungrateful” remark, Nova noted she repeatedly expressed gratitude to the Pinoy artist pointing to her social media posts.

“Not including interviews where I always made sure to mention him nor the many personal videos thanking him from the bottom of my heart,” she added.

She went on: “As you all know, even in the best-intentioned deals, things can and did go wrong. In my case, the preliminary gown did not end up fitting perfectly. This was important because it affects scoring. So we made the decision to wear a different gown (thank you to Virgilio Madinah). Unfortunately, my team who had worked so hard was upset that Michael did not deliver his end and they did make a comment.”

She thinks it was a wrong move on her team’s part.

“As part of my team, I fully apologize. I appreciate all his efforts and that perfect final gown. This is a disagreement that should have been handled in private and with maturity. However, it has devolved into an ego clash on social media, and dragged me into the middle of it. I have been getting death threats, racist trolls are hurling despicable insults at me, and people are dragging my character with lies. What amazes me is that people seem to be more outraged at my alleged ‘lack of thanks’ rather than me being asked to die and receiving racist hate. I don’t deserve that.”

Nova noted that Michael said he’d give them a “war.” But she pointed out that they are a “peace-loving nation” and they don’t accept it.

“We don’t accept racism. We don’t accept bullying. I personally love all my fellow contestants, I love every single one of my sponsors including Michael and I love my team. I don’t agree with the ego battle on either side and I’m sorry for any missteps on our part. I wish that people would find more love and understanding in their hearts,” she said.

“Now, I am going to go back to processing my wins and losses at Miss Universe. I will enjoy my birthday tomorrow and heal. I hope you can all take a break from the hate for a few days. Peace and love.”

Prior, Nove trended online after she exposed Filipino netizens who bully her for skin color.

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