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Heart Evangelista, Brandon Boyd to collaborate for art project

Heart Evangelista, Brandon Boyd to collaborate for art project

MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista revealed that she is collaborating with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd for an art project.

In her Twitter account, Heart posted a screenshot of her meeting with Brandon.

“Morning meetings with Jen, pietro and #brandonboyd for our little art project SOON,” Heart wrote.

Heart said in her Instagram Live recently that she’s excited for the upcoming project with the international vocalist.

Morning meetings with Jen , pietro and #brandonboyed for our little art project SOON ???? pic.twitter.com/cnx39f60Tp

— LoveMarie O. Escudero (@heart021485) May 25, 2021

"I'm very excited about Brandon Boyd. I noticed that some people are commenting about Brandon Boyd of Incubus. And for those of you that don’t know, Brandon Boyd is the lead singer of Incubus,” she said.

The socialite also said that she’s thrilled to know that Bradon has been following her for months now.

"And he’s been following me for a few months now and I didn’t know that. Kasi, when I checked his account, he’s been following me… I don’t know what to say," she said.

"Apparently, we’ve been in contact with him and his team. We’re doing some projects, like, an art project together,” she added.

Heart said that Brandon saw her artworks in one of her posts and he likes it. She that she’s flattered that a rock star likes her paintings.

"Maybe I can mention a little bit, yeah. He appreciates my art. And honestly, I haven’t been really painting so much lately because of my schedule, obviously. He saw my art in one of my posts, and he really likes it. So, he’s including me in one of his few projects that will happen in the States, featuring my paintings,” she said.

"Yeah, I’m so happy about that. I’m so flattered. He’s a rock star. So for a rock star to like my paintings, I’m very, very happy and thrilled about that," she added.

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