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Alden Richards reveals new love in his life

Alden RichardsAlden Richards has a new achievement, and it involves artisan coffee.

During a “kumustuhan” session hosted by social media influencer Mimiyuuuh for Lazada 6.6 Mid-Year Sale from June 6-8, Alden revealed that artisan coffee roasting kept him busy the past six months, apart from show business.

“For some reasons, I had a free time, and I checked the social media. I got interested in coffee recipes. I visited several social media platforms that featured videos on how to make artisan coffee and initially, I thought it was difficult. It’s so easy,” Alden said.

Alden said that he also got coffee cups, and coffee machines from Lazada.

“I’m happy with this new activity. And how time flies! We’re halfway into the year,” he added.

Alden said that he also ordered from Lazada coffee beans, stirrer, frother, lights, gaming chair, and extra mouse.

On the other hand, Mimiyuuuh bought rubber shoes, special socks, vacuum cleaner with humidifier, vacuum cleaner for the pool, and speakers.

Alden said he is honored to be part of the Lazada family this year.

“Thank you, Lazada, for the warm welcome. I am so honored to be part of the Lazada journey this year,” he said.

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