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CAN PAY BILLS opens its Bills Payment Service in Mississauga

Paying Philippines bills from Canada direct to Philippine companies

TORONTO ON, June 2021. CAN PAY BILLS INC., is proud to announce the opening of its bill payment office, in Mississauga, ON.  CAN PAY BILLS, a Canadian company has entered the international bills payment processing service, where people from Canada can pay bills directly to Philippine companies. “This opening marks a new player in international bills payment to the Philippines and we are excited to play a part” says Ramon Solis, Founder of CAN PAY BILLS INC. “We offer a facility where clients can make payments to 500 major billing companies and merchants,  and control their bills payment, with convenience and confidence”. This service is the solution to everyone who sends money to the Philippines for the purpose of paying a bill.

Ramon Solis of CANPAYBILLS at their new office in Mississauga.

CAN PAY BILLS is operated by CANSERVe, a software application that facilitates payment processing, data transmission and payment posting to Philippine billing companies. Powered by Philippine’s leading payment platform, Bayad Center Incorporated,  CANSERVe is able to process payments for electric and power companies, water, cable and internet providers, government services, schools, banks and financial institutions, credit card companies, condominium-property developers and more.

CANPAYBILLS also extends its service to the acceptance of payment on food delivery, grocery packages and bigas padala  being the official payment channel of BeamAndGo, an e commerce company.

Positive Customer Impact

Clients will benefit from using CAN PAY BILLS services in several ways. The service will simplify sending money to pay bills by allowing the client to make payments direct to the billing company. It will eliminate misuse and abuse of funds on money received in the Philippines by posting directly to the biller company. It will reduce stress by taking away the traditional method of sending money and requesting someone to make the payment.

Ramon Solis with Rosemarie Sabido (left) and Ayie Colles (right), CANPAYBILLS Payment Processors

The creation of CAN PAY BILLS was driven by real stories of compatriots here in Canada where sending money is often misused when it is received in the Philippines.  CAN PAY BILLS is committed to enrich lives of our compatriots working and living outside the Philippines by bringing convenience on bills payment processing. CAN PAY BILLS assures a secured and trusted payment processing system that is proven successful in the operation and implementation of bills payment.


CAN PAY BILLS INC., is a Toronto base company incorporated in September 2017, under the Canada Business Corporations Act operating a bills payment service and solutions provider. CANPAYBILLS is powered by Bayad Center Incorporated, Philippines biggest payment platform and BeamAndGo, an ecommerce for e voucher system.

For additional information, email us at info@canpaybills.com.




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