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Discredited duo

Among the early birds for the next elections are the perennial also rans Taguig Representative Alan Peter Cayetano and destabilizer Antonio Trillanes IV, a duo best remembered for exploiting the Senate in a one-year campaign to besmirch former Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Both are now flooding the air waves and social media with thinly-veiled political propaganda. The Commission on Elections (Comelec) had ridiculously allowed such pitches prior to the campaign period as long as these do not solicit votes.

Trillanes’ reputation as a source of intrigue and trouble is too pervasive to mention while financial misdeals are always attached to Cayetano.

The putschist Trillanes had consistently performed his role as a mobster who carries out demolition jobs.

The Senate ethics committee at the height of the impeachment complaint cleared former Senator Renato Cayetano, the patriarch, of gaining from the rigging of the Best World (BW) shares in 1999 that resulted in a wide swing in its share prices.

Cayetano offered to resign if it can be proven he did not pay for the three million shares he bought from BW founder Dante Tan.

A source said the payment was indeed made through a postdated check for P6 million in the name of his son, Alan.

Just recently the Pasig regional trial court convicted a broker who was found to have been involved in wash sales which proved the BW irregularity happened.

The racket nearly led to the collapse of the stock market since it also involved the then President Joseph Estrada.

Former Finance Secretary Edgardo Espiritu had accused Estrada of profiting from the stock transaction.

Later on when Cayetano’s kids, Alan and Pia, became senators, they were chided for being ungrateful by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

The admonition was made at the height of accusations that the husband of President Gloria Arroyo maintained a secret bank account in Munich, Germany.

Both Cayetanos were then hitting out at FG Arroyo, who responded that both siblings got financial help from him prior to the 2004 elections. Pia was then seeking a Senate seat and Alan was a candidate for the congressional seat of Taguig-Pateros.

“During the 2004 campaign, he and his sister came to me, saying, ‘Tito, we have no money anymore, not even money for watchers,’” FG Arroyo said. “When I gave him the money, he said, ‘That’s not enough,’ so I even added more from my personal funds,” he recounted.

Alan denied asking for funds from FG Arroyo but Pia admitted having received financial support.

“I’m forever grateful to all the people who supported me during the campaign… and, of course, the First Gentleman is part of it,” Pia said in a statement in response to what Mr. Arroyo said.

The problem then was that both did not declare FG Arroyo as a campaign contributor in their statements of contributions and expenses for the 2004 elections submitted to the Commission on Elections.

In the dispute over bonuses in the Senate in 2013, then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile revealed it was Pia’s office who kept badgering him about the additional operating budget for December.

Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan later branded the release of those extra funds as immoral and illegal.

Proof that both ambitious wannabes, Trillanes and Cayetano, are seen as having a poor reputation is that they always land near the bottom in the tally for top national positions.

Mandate is indeed difficult to earn and more so maintain the way President Rodrigo Duterte has done it.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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