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Exclusive: Pose star opens up about “extremely important” Blanca storyline

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Photo credit: Getty Images 

Pose spoilers follow.

Pose season 3 introduces an “extremely important” storyline for Mj Rodriguez’s character Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista.

Opening up in her exclusive interview with Digital Spy, the American actress suggested that Blanca’s journey down the road of romance was something that the US drama needed.

Photo credit: Pari Dukovic/FX
Photo credit: Pari Dukovic/FX 

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“I think the storyline with Blanca having a partner, having a love interest, was extremely important because she had struggled so hard to find her footing on how men were going to love her and how they were going to treat her, with knowing that she was trans, and also how they were going to deal with that when they brought it to people that they loved as well,” she told us.

“And with the third season addressing that, I think it’s needed.”

Rodriguez, who also appeared in Marvel’s Luke Cage back in 2016, continued to explain: “A lot of women in the trans community, they don’t feel comfortable when they’re going to a meet-and-greet with the parents.

“Especially if they are dealing with passability politics and they fit into this vernacular or this description of how a woman is supposed to look, but then there’s a truth that is revealed about them and then the whole thing changes.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images 

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“There’s so much that goes into that, there’s so many layers that you have to break off in that, and Pose did that when they showed this story and what can happen. And also, how it feels for someone to stand up for you when they love you, regardless…”

According to the TV star, Blanca’s continual role as a “beacon for others” had to dissolve somewhat.

“You know, Blanca has fought so hard for herself. She has also been a beacon for others… And I think at this point in time, Blanca needed someone there for her and to feel that someone was there for her, and that they were going to look out for her,” she added.

“So I think it was great to see that dynamic, and also see how strong she is within that dynamic too. She stood up, and she fought for herself and also the love of her life. I thought it was great.”

Pose season 3 airs on FX in the US. A UK air date has not yet been confirmed.

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