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Moe, Larry and Curly

Seriously reserved for those with curly locks, it is part of the kind of yokel backwater humor among the American Midwest that the person with the least hair is typically called Curly.

The most famous is Curly Horowitz of The Three Stooges.

Moe Howard was the one with the bangs, Larry Fine had the long frizzy hair but was balding down the middle. Curly, the butt of jokes, was the funniest and perhaps the dumbest. He had the least hair on his head.

It has been done in these pages before as a form of criticism. But allow us a deeper appreciation of the allegory.

Alluding to the Three Stooges to describe the senators of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee who assembled to derail the presidential plans of then Vice President Jejomar Binay, in retrospect, we can see how vicious political demolition jobs can deprive us of credible and competent choices for the presidency.

The results of the clowning at the Senate were far from humorous, albeit it was farcical.

That the musical theme of the Three Stooges was “Three Blind Mice“ was likewise strangely prophetic.

So is the strict definition of a stooge. A stooge is a lackey or a henchman. Add the adjective political and suddenly we can see deeper into the fishing expedition launched against the former Vice President. Allow us to explore its backstory ramifications.

Given the early declaration of Binay to seek the presidency against the Liberal Party’s publicly acknowledged game plan to field Manual Roxas following his failure when Benigno Aquino III was chosen previously, it is clear whose stooges the three were.

Let us solidify that supposition. The objective was clearly partisan.

The Blue Ribbon Committee was then chaired by a political turncoat who leapt from the Nacionalista Party to the Liberal Party.

Defeat in politics happens and is part of partisan realities. What is noxious and nauseatingly foul is defeat at the hands of a dirty-tricks demolition derby comprised of a wrecking crew standing in judgement of one of the most qualified for the presidency compared to the Liberal Party’s bet, a born loser so constantly rejected by the electorate that he cannot win enough to even make it in a lower-ranked post.

A competent local government administrator and a brilliant lawyer who defended the rights of the poor and the persecuted years before he became a public figure, brave, bold and unflinching before the most violent autocrat of our time, Binay was denied his rights as well as his voice in a one-sided execution chamber.

Each lackey wielded a personal executioner’s axe and an agenda that jived with the insidious plot of the Liberal Party to perpetuate a stranglehold on power for at least two or more decades.

Note the hidden agenda of each stooge. Two were sons of famous senators but were far cries from the illustrious reputations their fathers had established, effectively tarnishing paternal legacies, and proving competence cannot be inherited. Shamefully ambitious albeit unwelcome, one would hitch his wagon to whoever would bring him closer to Malacañang.

The other was irrationally vengeful because Binay chose among his senatorial ticket a far more competent personal nemesis. The third is a convicted coup plotter, a traitor inexplicably freed only because of an odd bromance with his presidential benefactor.

Since losing, the opposition has been performing as lackeys. Now irrelevant, it is no wonder they are unable to field credible leaders.

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