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Baguio establishments urged: Follow protocols

BAGUIO CITY — The local government of Baguio City reiterated its reminder to accommodation owners and operators to ensure that tourists have passed the central triage first before accepting their reservations.

This comes after reports of a tourist violation were recorded, saying that the said tourist bypassed the central triage and went directly to a hotel in the city.

The City Health Services Office disclosed that on 29 June, three tourists from the province of Pangasinan entered the City of Baguio and were informed by border personnel that they can go to their preferred hotel.

Two of the tourists still went to the central triage of the city while the other one proceeded directly to the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, the staff of the hotel asked the tourist to show the needed documents from the central triage.

The visitor was instructed to go to the central triage after failing to show the documents and was found out to be positive of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and was sent back to Pangasinan.

The two other tourists, on the other hand, are being monitored despite testing negative from the deadly respiratory disease.

Assistant City Health Officer Celia Flor Brilliantes had repeatedly encouraged visitors who are planning to go to Baguio to undergo necessary processing before going to the establishments of the city.

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