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Delivering on its promise – LBC nationwide delivery with no delays during Covid

Raffy Policarpio, Country Manager of LBC Mundial Cargo

During these times when overseas travel and movement of goods are severely restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is one of few companies in Canada that stands out particularly well in making people’s lives a lot less miserable and blight.

Many Filipino-Canadians, unable to fly home and visit relatives and friends because of the travel restrictions, have resorted to simply expressing their affection and concern towards their loved ones by sending boxes of personal goods, medicine, food supplies and assortment of things to help alleviate their families’ difficulties.

LBC Mundial Cargo Corporation, the most recognized domestic delivery companies in the Philippines, has been in the forefront in ensuring to its customers that packages they send back home are delivered fast, safely and efficiently. Because of LBC’s nationwide coverage of owned infrastructure that allows it to seamlessly process its shipments across boundaries and the regular Covid check points, the company is able to provide this much-needed quality and essential service to its thriving clientele.

A patchwork of competitors do not have the necessary logistics and critical infrastructure, hence they often suffer problems and inefficiencies such as shipments being delayed or put on hold, to the detriment of their customers, naturally.

LBC, on the other hand, prides itself of a global coverage with offices all over Canada and North America, and a nationwide support network that is capable of delivering this critical and essential service to its clients. More importantly, because of the strict adherence by its own staff to the required safety measure protocols, from pick-up to delivery, LBC had kept its customers, employees and their families safe at all times.

According to Raffy Policarpio, Country Manager of LBC Mundial Cargo in Toronto, patronage over the LBC brand and confidence on its trustworthiness and capability had more than doubled over the last year. Whether sending their packages by sea or air, more and more Filipino-Canadians have shifted to LBC, as they realized that the company can deliver on its promise of a fast, safe and efficient service, especially during this crucial period of the pandemic.


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