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Golden Haven sees value appreciation as economy recovers


Golden Haven Memorial, a subsidiary of publicly listed Villar owned Golden MV Holdings Inc., expects further value appreciation of their memorial lots as the domestic economy starts to recover.

According to Red Rosales, COO of Golden Haven, with the country on an economic upswing the value of their memorial lots are also expected to be on the upside.

Golden Haven memorial lots’ value has been appreciating an average of 20 percent percent annually, luring more investors from different portfolio types.

With over 30 superior locations nationwide and more underway, Rosales said that investing in a Golden Haven property is just a matter of logging on to the company’s website, and choosing from its vast array of offerings. “All our offerings are appreciating at stellar rates and are considered best-in-class, peso for peso,” he said.

He, however, said that conservative investors may opt for memorial lots and columbarium vaults, while those with sharper risk appetites may settle for family estates or mausoleums.

Those who want to leverage their hard-earned money on stable, long-haul ventures, Rosales said Golden Haven Memorial Parks offers a dream investment package at easy-own payment terms.

The company’s limited time promo called “The Golden Shrines,” a collection of professionally curated mausoleum designs that are complimentary for family estate purchases, is still ongoing.

Rosales bullishness is based on the relentless vaccination drives across the country and the declining number of new Covid-19 infections, which are paving the way for the Philippines’ road to economic recovery. “Quarantine restrictions are gradually being eased and business districts nationwide are opening up, albeit cautiously, boosting the experts’ buoyant projections even for industries that have been hit hard by the crisis,” he said.

“This validates once more the verdict of major financial institutions—such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB)—that the Philippines has one of the most resilient economies in Asia, affording more opportunities for canny and savvy investors to ride the wave of economic growth,” he added.

While Golden Haven is positioning for business opportunities post pandemic, Rosales said these investment opportunities also gives the company the chance to pursue the goals it set at its founding.

“Our first chairman and founder, former Senate President Manuel B. Villar Jr., started Golden Haven with a vision: to have a company made by the Filipino for the Filipino,” said Rosales.

Aside from fulfilling the need for memorial lots, Golden Haven also promotes financial literacy for the average Filipino through its various digital and social media channels.

“We are enjoining keen and clever investors to take part in Golden Haven’s dream of providing economic opportunities for our countrymen,” said Rosales.

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