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Pimentel, Pacquiao-led PDP-Laban wing to conduct own national assembly

Senator Koko Pimentel and Senator Manny Pacquiao

A day after the faction led by President-elect Energy Chief Secretary Alfonso Cusi elected its new set of officials, the other wing of the ruling party PDP-Laban is now gearing up for its own national assembly scheduled in September.

Former PDP-Laban Executive Vice President Senator Koko Pimentel on Sunday said his group will convene in three months to possibly reorganize and formally nominate their bets for the 2022 National Elections.

This is despite him and Senator Manny Pacquiao – the party’s former acting President– being effectively ousted from their posts on Saturday.

“We will have a gathering in September,” the senator said in a radio interview.

“It will be similar to a national assembly. We will decide then if we will need to reorganize and maybe, that’s when we will make formal nominations for our party candidates,” he added.

Pimentel insisted that the recent events organized by Cusi were “unauthorized” and denounced by the national headquarters along with the PDP-Laban leadership under Pacquiao.

This includes the election of the new slate of party officials even with the attendance of President Rodrigo Duterte — the party’s chairman.

“The stand of the national headquarters and the PDP-Laban leadership under Sen. Pacquiao remains — the 31 May and 16 to 17 July meetings are unauthorized,” he said.

The Cusi-faction argued it is receiving support from the party-members duly authorized by the Sworn Information Update Statement (SIUS) while the group of Pacquiao boasts backing from the grassroots members of PDP-Laban.

Apart from the validity of the national council meeting and assembly, Pimentel also criticized the reason for the exclusion of Pacquiao in planning the meetings and said that it is fueled by the other wing’s personal agendas.

“Their purpose for blinding the party president during planning is because their purpose is to remove Pacquiao. And now, one of their ultimate plans happened. I know they will unveil their other cards in the coming days,” he said.

Rift not yet over

President Duterte launched tirades against Pimentel during the national assembly – a move which Cusi’s group hoped would end the growing rift between the members of the ruling party.

The Chief Executive blamed the “ruckus” shaking PDP-Laban to the lawmaker who unceremoniously designated Pacquiao as party President after he resigned from his post on December 2020.

Pimentel repeatedly explained that what happened was an “automatic succession” after his unsuccessful attempts of having a meeting with Cusi.

“That was automatic succession. The version that the President definitely came from Cusi. I just wish that he knew that he has been criticizing me long before,” the lawmaker said.

Still, the senator did not fire back at the President and said that the latter may have been misinformed on what transpired in the disagreements in PDP-Laban.

ⁿIt stings that the person you helped is now attacking you but that’s how life is. Maybe another side of the information reached him but it’s okay. It’s over. Let him go back and concentrate now to the problems of the country.” Sundy Locus


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