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Son Ye-jin reveals she works hard to have nice skin

Son Ye-jin reveals she works hard to have nice skin

MANILA, Philippines — Son Ye-jin is among those Korean superstars that possess that glass skin. That almost poreless, dewy finish is the envy of many but the Hallyu superstar revealed that she was not born with good skin. In fact, she is like most Pinays who does her best to have that "tiis ganda" look.

The "Crash Landing On You" star shared her beauty and wellness secrets at last week's Smart Hallyu Hangouts virtual session that streamed her interview with "Nonstop 2" star Park Kyung-lim in South Korea and translated by Sam Oh for the Philippine fans.

1. Exercise is key and it goes beyond the physical.

Son Ye-jin is a self-confessed exercise nut. She admitted that she does exercise almost every day. In fact, she impressed fans and viewers of the show "All The Butlers" or "Master In The House" where she was seen effortlessly doing her Pilates routine.

She's been practicing Pilates for 10 years. Son Ye-jin's rigid discipline in maintaining her physical health is made obvious when she answered how she spends her rest days.

She said she loves to exercise on rest days and walk her dog. She loves to keep fit so that she's always ready to jump on a project.

2. Again, always exercise.

Whenever she's asked a beauty and wellness question, exercise always pops out as her answer.

Ye-jin believes that exercising is not only due to diet or for the purpose of staying slim. It also has a mental health aspect.

"A lot of people when they see beauty or health, it's not because of physical features but it's because of positive energy, something that is glowing from within," she shared.

She also added that exercising is important and missing out on it does not make her feel good.

"I think this is a battle between me and myself. I feel bad when I cancel an appointment. I try as much as possible not to," she said.

3. Invest in areas of improvement.

Son Ye-jin's almost perfect look does not come easily. She admitted that she invests in hair treatment, although she believes some people are just lucky to be born with great hair.

Ye-jin neither gave her beauty routine nor named her preferred brands or natural beauty ingredients used but she emphasized that since she is not born with good skin she "puts in a lot of effort to attain good skin."

3. She enjoys golf.

Ye-jin said that her swing might look good but she is still a beginner.

4. She's a casual dresser.

As fashion designer Yoon Se-ri in "CLOY", her character was seen wearing all the designer labels in looks that could have easily landed in fashion magazines.

The actress, however, is a casual dresser.

"I like to keep it more feminine," she said.

She's into dresses, t-shirts and shorts. Her favorite outfit is a white shirt and jeans.

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