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Trillanes and Robredo called each other a liar

Last May, former senator and ex-military mutineer Antonio Trillanes IV announced that he intends to run for president in the 2022 national elections, if Vice President Leni Robredo will not seek the presidency next year.

Trillanes quickly added, however, that Robredo has already decided to run for provincial governor of Camarines Sur than for president. Accordingly, Trillanes said, he plans to be the anointed candidate of the political opposition in next year’s polls.

Thereafter, Trillanes sent word to the upstart and dubious 1Sambayan political party created by some has-beens from the now unpopular administration of the late President Noynoy Aquino about his plans to run for president. Trillanes declared, however, that he does not intend to divide the political opposition, and that he is willing to yield to another presidential candidate, Robredo included, if he is not the “chosen one” of the political opposition.

Although Trillanes offered himself to 1Sambayan, the latter did not seem happy to have Trillanes on its side and, since then, remained out of the political spotlight.

Nothing much has was heard from 1Sambayan again.

Soon after Trillanes made his announcement, the Robredo camp asserted that there is no truth to what Trillanes said about Robredo, and that she remains open to the idea of running for president in 2022.

In other words, Robredo and her handlers called Trillanes a liar.

Earlier this week, Trillanes admitted that he sought a meeting with Robredo to discuss the possibility of having her run with him in the elections. According to Trillanes, Robredo snubbed the ex-senator’s overture and gave him the lame excuse that she said “it is a sin to God to talk about the election while the Covid-19 pandemic is ongoing.”

Trillanes also claimed that after Robredo snubbed him, he learned that she held separate talks with Senators Panfilo Lacson and Richard Gordon, who have publicly expressed their interest in running for president.

Last Wednesday, soon after Lacson and Gordon admitted to the media that they held separate talks with Robredo, a furious Trillanes publicly announced that his so-called Magdalo Party, a group of military adventurists associated by many with failed putschs, will not support Robredo if the latter affiliates herself with the anticipated presidential and vice-presidential tandem of Lacson and Senate President Vicente Sotto III.

Robredo’s camp immediately dismissed Trillanes’ threat as an “overreaction” on his part because she allegedly has not yet made up her mind on what she will do in the coming elections.

In other words, Robredo and her lackeys called Trillanes a liar a second time.

Surprisingly, the Vice President’s handlers likewise said that they “think that there is a lot of room to work with” Trillanes, and that Robredo and her camp have “nothing but (the) highest respect” for the ex-senator.

This rivalry between Trillanes, the former cashiered military mutineer, and Robredo, the most fickle-minded Vice President in Philippine history, smacks of duplicity in its baldest form. They called each other a liar.

From the start, Trillanes had been lying about Robredo. The Robredo camp called Trillanes a liar not once but twice.

It also appears that Trillanes was lying when he announced that he is willing to yield his presidential ambition to another candidate if he is not the “chosen one” of the political opposition. That was evident when he got angry upon discovering that Robredo is considering running in the polls with somebody else other than him.

This raises the interesting question of how and why Robredo and her sycophants still managed to say that they have “nothing but (the) highest respect” for Trillanes, after they called the ex-senator a liar twice.

The answer is that Robredo and her group believe that lying is a respectable thing to do. It’s either that or, similar to Trillanes, Robredo and her underlings have been telling lies to the Filipino people.

Considering, therefore, that Trillanes and Robredo are liars, these two traditional politicians do not deserve to be elected to any public office in the first place.

Thus, their defeat in next year’s elections is in the best interest of the country and the Filipino people.

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