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WATCH: Easy homeschooling tips from mom-of-six Joy Mendoza

Being homeschooled and now as a homeschool mom, Joy Mendoza has got it down to pat. And, like anyone the past year, Joy has been busy renovating and fixing up their home.

Having six children, and homeschooling for 18 years, they have collected quite a number of books that have been popping out their shelves. She asked her husband for one request, “more storage space” since she doesn’t really buy luxury items such as jewelry and bags.

In her recent Instagram post, she shows us a tour of her study space with eight easy-to-follow tips. Highlights include ceiling to wall cabinets, organizing per shelf by subjects. There is a mix of open and closed shelves so there is space to breathe. They also have a TV for supplementary learning, and her own desk area that is away from the kids so she has her own space.

Each child has her/his own table that’s facing a wall with colored glass. This is where they can write their thoughts, reminders, and schedule. She also added a reading space by the window—a convertible sofa bed for the kids to relax, and read, and maybe even convert the place as a guest room.

1. Teach kids to keep their study area clean.

2. Make them responsible for tidying up.

3. Have a good amount of natural light.

4. Remove distractions during study time.

5. Have a table for seat work and a couch or softer area for reading.

6. Use a white board or cork board to post schedules and reminders.

7. Make learning materials accessible to younger kids.

8. Keep collecting books!

She reminds parents that it’s okay to start small, which happened to them. “You can use your living room area, your dining table,” she adds. “It wasn’t something that happened right away, and this just happened last year.”

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