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A pet friendly home is a happy home

A pet friendly home is a happy home

A pet friendly home is a happy home

I have lived with my parents, siblings and pets for most of my life. But what has made these pandemic years different is that I am now living alone — with my pets.

And, one of the discoveries of being more homebound is that I have learned to talk less and observe more — that’s what I do when I want to make sure my furbabies have all they need.

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So, as I started to fix my home for myself, I also fixed the spaces where my pets stay. I learned to give my furbabies, cats and dogs their personal spaces.

I began to notice that dogs and cats sleep a lot and can be irritable if they don’t make it outside and don’t have a space to call their own inside.

I asked my “pawsonal” shopper from Pet Express for some tips to help me create a safe space for my pets:

Assign the pets a place so that you will be able to train them and provide a bed space for your pet to rest and unwind.

For small breeds and small pets like cats who like to cling to their pet parents, putting a small bedding area for them in your living room or under the dining space will make them feel secure and safe.

Have a clean, designated dining space for your pet. Do not forget to store your pet food properly — that is, out of your pet’s reach.

Organize pet needs and accessories on a shelf or cabinet. Remember to keep it within your reach.

Set up a retractable fence to set boundaries between your and your pet’s spaces.

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Hide their pet bowls and litter boxes. Give your cat some privacy by providing a small screen for his litter box in a corner.

Dogs love to bathe and play in wet areas. Provide them a space in your wet area by adding a platform for their muddy paws.

Keep your pets active. It is important to give your dog something to chew on, like treats or a rubber toy, while cats should have a scratching post or climbing trees on their active days.

As you bathe and groom your pet, you should keep their area clean and germ-free, as usual.

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