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That special bond between grandkids and grandparents

We ask some to share they’re most memorable moments this pandemic

This prolonged lockdown has made us look at things differently. How we choose to spend our time, and how we look at each scenario has made us appreciate each and every single moment that we spend here on earth. And now that children and senior citizens are highly discouraged to go out, and today is grandparents’ day, here are some who shared their favorite moments with our favorite elders.

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“A memorable grandparent moment is when Lola was learning how to use the iPad at 93 years old. My iPad was on the table and I was shopping for something, and she decided she wanted to try to swipe it. It shows she is curious and wants learn more. — Kristine Dee, jewelry designer

“Last June, the family gathered around a fire pit recounting my brother Ian’s intimate wedding to Farrah, telling stories, and roasting marshmallows at Villa Escudero’s Camp Spotted-Wood. Having been surrounded by large old trees that were beautifully lit up by fireflies made for the perfect setting. We’ve been doing a lot of Zoom gatherings for the last two years so being able to bond in person after PCR testing and quarantining was very special. We siblings grew up camping so being able to do this with my young sons, and again with my parents, brought about nostalgia and the desire to continue the tradition. Our little family has been based in California for the past 12 years, and so when my parents and brothers are reunited with us during trips, we make the most of our time carrying out a detailed itinerary filled with fun adventures and activities.” — Ciara Serumgard

“I make sure I text and call her regularly. Sometimes we do video calls. I also send her food monthly or even a few times each month. My mom is 86 years old and still moved and acts like she is still in her 50’s. One of the challenges is that we would like to spend as much time with each other especially because we were so used to going out on weekends with her grandkids but we can’t take the risk. We are a big family, she has eight kids and many grandkids. She misses her grandkids a lot. One time last year, we brought our son to her home and prior to that we agreed we will just be waving far from one another, masked up, and she will stay behind the gate of her lanai.

But when she saw her grandson, she immediately opened the gate and rushed to my son, even tripping along the way, and hugged and kissed him! She was crying. It happened so fast! I had the scariest 10 seconds of my life! This happened again when my niece brought her daughter. We came back only once after that but made sure she can control herself and my siblings were right beside her. And we both understand that we would avoid going to her place to avoid getting her too excited, and just be content with video and audio calls for now. I’m just glad she understands the risks and she does her part in keeping herself safe. — Angel Llamanzares, brand and image consultant

“A visit from Lolo and Lola during pandemic. It was two years since they last went out due to Covid-19. After getting the vaccine, they bonded with their apos and had lunch to help them ease the worry of these trying times.” — Czel Casas-Gonzales, director of One Algon Place

“My daughter is single mom. So i always tell her, thank you for giving us this seven-year-old boy. I cannot imagine Staying at Home without our apo with us. He is an angel to us. We are just careful now not to spoil the little boy. It is difficult to do that now, but we are trying very hard to give him a normal growing up years and environment My husband and I are so thankful that our apo is staying with us. He lights up our day—as the song goes. My husband is a disciplinarian but the little boy really has a soft spot in our hearts.” — Asuncion S. Martinez

“My parents have been heroes to both me and my child since his birth. And more so when my child’s father passed on. My dad gamely plays Wii with his grandson and reads bed time stories everyday. My mom is magical by minimizing food battles. She also created a little math wizard in my son who takes after her, obviously. We are so lucky to be with them.

From pinch hitting to monitor their grandchild during online school hours, to practicing archery, or even just curling up to watch something all together on Netflix, the pandamic has given us a lot more time that used to be filled up by sitting in traffic. The pandemic has also given my parents to rediscover the wonder of tiny humans and how they are in situ. Back when I was my son’s age, both had their careers to attend to, which meant they missed out on the everyday nuances of growing up. I suppose the pandemic have them a deeper understanding of ‘watching their grandchild grow.’”—Alexandra Faustmann

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