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Pacquiao’s latest TV goof-up

Last week, Senator and presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao gave the electorate more proof, through a television interview, that he is unfit to be president of the Philippines.

It was obvious that Pacquiao rehearsed his answers to the usual questions candidates expect in a TV interview. His spiel consisted of motherhood statements, like his purported plan to fight poverty and corruption.

Pacquiao cited his early impoverished years when he was hungry and poor. As in all his press statements, he insinuated that his having experienced hunger in his youth is enough reason why he should be elected president. Good grief!

During his long stint in Congress, both in the House and in the Senate, Pacquiao failed to sponsor any substantial law to effectively alleviate poverty in the Philippines. That’s because he has always been an absentee legislator. He spent more time preparing for and fighting his boxing matches, than he did in actual legislative work.

If, as Pacquiao claims, poverty remains widespread in the country today, then he is partly to be blamed for it because he did not do anything to fight poverty when he was in Congress.

Pacquiao’s approach to poverty and hunger smacks of a dole-out mentality. He thinks that by simply providing for everybody’s needs, he can solve the poverty problem.

Obviously unable to think well into the future, Pacquiao’s populist formula will only encourage widespread mendicancy and sloth.

The idea of Senator and vice-presidential candidate Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go is the better option. Instead of making Filipinos beggars, Go believes that government must provide an environment where people are encouraged to be productive. Go’s nationwide Malasakit Centers and complementary projects help Filipinos in their needs, and encourage them to be productive.

In another populist move, Pacquiao said he hates corruption. If that is so, and as pointed out in a commentary published earlier in this newspaper, then Pacquiao should hate himself.

His salary as a legislator is paid from taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Instead of doing what he’s paid to do in Congress, Pacquiao focused his attention to his boxing career. His prizefights are private activities by which Pacquiao makes his billions. Those boxing matches have nothing to do with his duties as a legislator.

Despite his own share of corruption, Pacquiao denounced ex-President Ferdinand Marcos also for corruption. What a hypocrite this Pacquiao really is!

In addition, Pacquiao exploited the TV interview by taking a potshot at ex-Senator Bongbong Marcos, his rival in the presidential election.

Pacquiao wants Bongbong to apologize for abuses allegedly committed by Bongbong’s father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He claimed that because Bongbong was 27 years old when the strongman stepped down from office in February 1986, he was already old enough to know the “sins” of his father since 1965, when his father was first elected president. Good heavens!

The Bible says the sins of the father shall not be visited on the son. Pacquiao ought to know that, because he claims to be an avid reader of the Bible. Maybe he does not really read the Good Book, or he does not practice what it teaches.

Pacquiao also revealed his miserable lack of understanding of International Law by making reckless remarks about the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the maritime dispute between Manila and Beijing in the West Philippine Sea.

Oblivious that the Philippines has long withdrawn from the ICC, Pacquiao said that if he becomes president, he will allow the ICC to probe President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs.

Obviously, he has no regard for Philippine sovereignty. It just so happens that Pacquiao wants to get even with Duterte after the latter’s political party expelled him several months ago.

Pacquiao also said that the solution to the WPS problem is to make friends with China — unaware that President Duterte is already employing that strategy.

President Duterte said it right. Pacquiao is punch-drunk.

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