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TECNO Mobile’s rise in Philippines attributed to glocal approach, innovations and CSR projects

TECNO Mobile’s rise in Philippines attributed to glocal approach, innovations and CSR projects

TECNO Mobile's rise in Philippines attributed to glocal approach, innovations and CSR projects

MANILA, Philippines — Premium smartphone brand TECNO Mobile may still be a new globally, but with a growth focused in global emerging markets, it has quickly gained a reputation as the market challenger. The brand has no plans to change tact now.

‘Glocal’ approach

In the Philippines, the rise of TECNO Mobile may be greatly attributed to its affordable smartphone portfolio, along with its deep understanding of the needs of its consumers.

This aligns perfectly with TECNO’s ethos, which is rooted in a business strategy called “glocalization,” which means the creation of products that will sell universally, but can be customized to suit specific markets or regions.

“This has helped TECNO grow into one of the most admired smartphone brands, as well as an expert in providing industrial-leading technology and innovative devices designed for global users in emerging markets,” TECNO General Manager Stephen Ha said.

Today, its product line is greatly enriched by its quad core smartphone product lines and diverse AIoT products, providing consumers with high-quality middle and high-end smart devices.

“We offer a very competitive price, enabling our customers to always stay connected to the world and enjoy a fashionable way of life. Unlike many international brands, TECNO focuses on users in emerging markets, and creatively combines global technology with the actual needs of local consumers, bringing them cutting-edge technology with localized innovation and differentiated features. This kind of innovation is in our DNA,” Ha added.

TECNO plans to leap further forward with the hope of stabilizing its foothold in more emerging markets.

“To further expand our brand popularity, we aim to play a more significant role in the mid-to-high end market segment. We will do this by actively combining international-level partnerships to create our global brand image, while also utilizing diverse and innovative branding activities to serve a growing number of young consumers,” Ha said.

Joining the premium smartphone space, TECNO’s mission is to become the most admired tech brand in the global emerging markets by continually making breakthroughs in product innovation.

As it continues to play a more significant role in the mid-to-high end market segment, it will cultivate its market position by bringing with it premium smart devices and services-based offerings, and lead with a customer-oriented innovation mindset.

“The mid-to-high-end smartphone market has become more mature today, and market demand has spread rapidly to global emerging markets. We are eager to push the competition into new boundaries to make flagship technology and innovation available to consumers in global emerging markets sooner,” Ha enthused.

Responding amid pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges both for industry and society, however, TECNO knows that every challenge brings with it an opportunity.

“During this period, we kept the communication lines with our global partners open. We stood alongside our consumers to help them overcome challenges. We’ve always been the brand that pushes past limitations,” Ha said.

With this, TECNO gave back to communities by implemented fast-response measures to support local communities in time of outburst events such as COVID19.

“We rolled out a range of initiatives to provide prevention measures, materials and educational and economical support that aims to help local communities to maintain their safety and wellbeing for everyday life,” Ha said.

TECNO successfully completed its first CSR campaign in the Philippines this year, partnering with beneficiaries who are all pillars of the community. This included Project Malasakit, a scholarship project in partnership with the City of Manila through the Office of Mayor Isko Moreno, as well as Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish in Payatas.

Each partner beneficiary received smartphones and cash, which were awarded to their local “heroes of the pandemic” for their unwavering service, and to dedicated and promising students from their community.

What’s in store for Filipino consumers

TECNO is all about knowing what the customer needs, and this philosophy is at the very center of everything it does.

“We are at the forefront of meeting neglected market demands by developing elegantly designed smart tech devices and services for our consumers across more than 70 global emerging markets. We want to provide consumers with a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services at competitive prices, from smartphones, tablets, smart wearables to AIoT devices,” Ha said.

As TECNO readies itself to take on the world by storm, the brand recognizes the role that it plays in society.

“We are investing more around digitalization to drive a positive impact on the business ecosystem, consumers as well as social development. For example, we held the first global AR launch event for the CAMON 16 series in 2020; we witnessed the rise of the short-video social trend, and launched the very first documentary looking at the “rise of selfie”, calling out for the public to employ devices in a positive way. We are also investing more in e-commerce to bring better convenience to consumers,” Ha shared.

One can clearly see why TECNO is on the rise and still rising.

Filipino consumers can soon look forward to a brand new smartphone with anti-shake function from TECNO Mobile, CAMON 18 Premier.

With this smartphone, TECNO makes it possible for everyone to experience mobile technological innovations that can improve the way they work, learn, play and live, at a fraction of the price offered by other brands.

With this latest offering, TECNO Mobile stays true to its commitment to bring innovation to global emerging markets, as the premium smartphone brand for all.

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