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Through a Knothole: Comeback of the Travel Agent?

A dream trip come true.

Unlike visits to other professionals such as dentists and doctors, a call on the travel agent is a welcome reprieve. More often than not, it firms up dream itineraries, drums up excitement and kickstarts suggestions to be discussed with the family at home.

However, the rapid takeover of technology has transformed the landscape for holidaymakers. Out went the old dependables and in came devices with an unimaginable selection of apps.

With the ever-adjusting,

always-updating travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, plus the never-ending health protocols, the need for numerous permits, declarations and documents, is the travel agent in demand again?

Gearing up for a holiday.


They treat their jobs more like a vocation. The travel agent is

well-connected with the global and local pulses. They have the best unbiased recommendations on hotels and resorts, tours and transfers, restos and bars, attractions and activities, based on the rapidly-altering regulations of the locale, as all necessary information are at their fingertips.

Value for money

With the economy spiraling down, value for money is a concern. With ears low to the ground, they unselfishly offer the best deals. Perhaps some flights include complimentary hotel accommodations, while others come with free transportation for safety purposes. Travel agents are familiar with these secrets due to their wide network of valuable contacts.

TRAVELING amid a pandemic.

Angels in emergencies

Heaven forbid, unfortunate events do happen, whether it be rebookings or cancellations, flight delays, missing suitcases, vehicle breakdowns or worse, urgent medical attention. Forever alert and ready to assist, a call to your travel agent will set everything right.

Constantly in touch

Upon returning home, there is a mandatory lockdown. As travel agents are constantly in touch with the industry and government agencies, preparations have been anticipated and arranged beforehand.


Remember, you are on a trip to enjoy. So, do we welcome back the travel agent with open arms, as we plan to sit back and just relax?

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