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How to have healthy family dynamics amid pandemic: Psychologist explains 

How to have healthy family dynamics amid pandemic: Psychologist explains

How to have healthy family dynamics amid pandemic: Psychologist explainsÂ

MANILA, Philippines — There are at least 3.6 million Filipinos battling mental health issues amid the pandemic. The Department of Health said last May that about 1.14 million Filipinos have depression, 847,000 are battling alcohol-use disorders, while 520,000 others were diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Renowned pyschologist Dr. Randy Dellosa, in his private psychotherapy practice and as a life coach, saw a surge in clients seeking his consult. He shared how some people have “turned pessimistic and cynical, in light of the current state of affairs.”

Amid these difficult times, the Filipinos' renowned family-orientedness give many a beacon of hope.

This presence of family has greatly helped in alleviating the difficulties brought about by the current pandemic, Dr. Dellosa said in a recent AXA Philippines press statement.

Dr. Dellosa further observed that among the negative feelings that families have had to deal with at this time, one of the most pervasive is the sense of being trapped and isolated, a consequence of the imposed quarantines and the extended lockdowns. Adding to that is the seemingly unshakable feeling of financial insecurity coupled with an uncertainty about the future – the feeling of not being in control and having no plan in place.

“It’s the unexpectedness of what can happen, the fear of getting sick – whether it’s oneself or a loved one,” he said.

These pent-up feelings, as they continue to build up, can adversely influence both the mental and physical health aspect of people.

Dr. Dellosa cited how anger can lead to high blood pressure or how irritation can be the trigger for psoriasis, as well as headaches. Even the stress of having a sick family member or experiencing an unplanned medical emergency in the family can have a physical effect on the body.

All these manifestations, he said, are a form of communication, and show that many people are keeping too much negative feelings bottled up inside, which, has been found to cause more serious physical issues in the long run.

The doctor recommended to keep one's stress in check as it is also vital to good health. “Whenever we feel emotional stress, it carries with it toxic energy. If there’s no way to vent this out and express it externally, it then gets trapped and piles up in the body. And where does this negative energy transfer to? It manifests itself in our body organs.”

Thus, he said that a healthy family dynamic is key. He explained that its very nature as the basic unit of society is already a protective measure “mentally, emotionally, physically, and health-wise.”

In order to keep things healthy in all aspects mentioned, Dr. Dellosa emphasized that there should be a shift in mindsets. It is important to keep a proactive attitude and be open when facing difficult truths, for the sake of oneself and the loved ones.

“One has to set aside being emotionally reactive while maintaining an attitude of being proactive,” he said. “If you allow your emotions to get the better of you, you’re bound to lose.”

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