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Mikhail Red’s ‘Arisaka’ to come on Netflix this December

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A year after shooting during the pandemic, director Mikhail Red’s thriller “Arisaka” is set to grace our streaming pleasure with its debut on Netflix this Dec. 9, 2021.

Maja Salvador in “Arisaka” 

Arisaka,” which stars Maja Salvado and Mon Confiado, centers its plot on a policewoman on the run. She must go on the same trail taken by 60,000 American and Filipino prisoners during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in World War II, historically known as the Bataan Death March.

Apart from the much-awaited Filipino movie, we are also excited about the other movies and shows that will be coming to Netflix next month. ’Tis the season for streaming so mark your calendars for the arrival of these titles.

‘The Tapes’ season 1

Money Heist’ part five, volume 2 (Dec. 3)

The Witcher’ season 2 (Dec. 17)

Emily in Paris’ season 2 (Dec. 22)

‘Don’t Look Up’ (Dec. 24)

‘The Silent Sea’ (Dec. 24)

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