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Pandemic endgame and Gen Zs: A 4-point agenda to help unlock a better future

Pandemic endgame and Gen Zs: A 4-point agenda to help unlock a better future

Pandemic endgame and Gen Zs: A 4-point agenda to help unlock a better future

MANILA, Philippines — “Face-to-face classes cutie.” “Manifesting: Better days ahead.” “11:11 end of pandemic.”

From 11:11 wishes to online summoning circles, there’s no shortage of manifestation methods young Filipinos have been doing in the hopes of ending uncertainty and attracting brighter days.

Indeed, almost two years of the pandemic has done a lot to Gen Zs. That’s 21 months of being robbed of the university campus experience, 91 weeks of not being able to physically hang out with friends and around 637 days of not fully enjoying the fun life has to offer outside our homes.

Fortunately, the future is starting to shine brighter than ever.

The gameplan #4TheFuture

With the economy slowly starting to fully reopen, educational institutions already discussing the safe return of students in schools, and even local governments discussing to—finally!— discontinue the use of face shields, perhaps, young peoples’ manifestations are now starting to work.

As we slowly find our way out of this challenge, what will be our next move to unlock the “better normal” and take back control of our future? Lifebuoy and Redcross have a game plan.

Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture is a four-point agenda that will be key to reducing COVID-19 cases, stabilizing and improving the economy, and ultimately leading to more opportunities for Gen Zs to thrive.

There’s no room for complacency. Join the movement by remembering these 4 steps and doing them properly.

Even if we’re seeing life gradually returning to normal, we cannot throw away our face masks just yet! Experts warn that we’ll need to continue wearing them a while longer, especially in public settings.

So to help protect those with compromised immune systems and those who can’t and who still haven’t been vaccinated, let’s wear our masks religiously and properly—tight and properly covering both mouth and nose.

Social distancing is our personal responsibility and social accountability.

Let’s keep on keeping our distance because by staying far enough away from each other, we slow the spread of any viral disease from one person to another.

By keeping a 2-meter distance, we can help prevent new cases, will save lives and will also help our medical frontliners get overwhelmed at hospitals.

Time and time again, science has proven that vaccines work.

Getting yourself vaccinated will reduce the risk of you getting seriously ill due to the virus. Regardless of the vaccine brand, all the vaccines available in our country are scientifically tested and proven and can all serve as an additional layer of protection for everyone.

The government has also opened vaccination to almost everyone, including minors. Some vaccination sites are now even allowing walk-ins to accommodate more Filipinos.

So in case you haven’t yet, get vaccinated ASAP! Vaccines could be our best shot to normalcy. If we all get ourselves vaccinated, people can start doing more, and we can slowly resume many activities we do pre-pandemic.

The future is in our hands, literally.

Simple and cliché it may sound, but washing hands regularly and properly is one of the easily-forgotten steps we can do to avoid getting sick. Perhaps, we usually undermine how dirty our hands are and how easy they can transfer germs from one person to the next, or from surfaces to your eyes, nose and mouth.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of illnesses, including COVID-19. It helps protect you against everything from the common cold to more serious infections.

Moving forward in this pandemic, let’s make it a habit to clean our hands regularly for 20 seconds with quality soaps that can protect us—like Lifebuoy!

Gen Zs, the ambassadors #4TheFuture

Gen Zs can truly lead the march toward the pandemic endgame.

Lifebuoy believes this and invites you to join the Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture movement. You might even be one of the ambassadors Lifebuoy and Red Cross are looking for!

Let’s unlock the future of our generation together. Join the movement and sign up to be an ambassador now: https://bit.ly/LifebuoyAmbassador.

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