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Malabon food trip: Delicacies to elevate your holiday table

Malabon food trip: Delicacies to elevate your holiday table

Malabon food trip: Delicacies to elevate your holiday tableMalabon food trip: Delicacies to elevate your holiday table

MANILA, Philippines — Located in the northern part of Metro Manila, Malabon is a must-stop culinary destination with a long list of delicacies under its belt. From its famous Pancit Malabon to kakanin, there are plenty of choices for food trippers who love local food.

Whether you’re finding a way to elevate your salu-salo or looking for a unique gift idea, these Malabon products will surely be your next holiday staples.

Pancit Malabon

Pancit Malabon is arguably the most popular contribution of Malabon in the culinary world. This special dish is made of rice noodles mixed in its signature orange sauce. It is then carefully topped with layers of crunchy garlic ground pork, cracklings, eggs, fresh pechay baguio, ox tongue and shrimp. Make sure you squeeze in some calamansi to brighten up the flavors.

Mamon Tostado

Sweet, crunchy, buttery and sugary, these famous biscuits guarantee a no-fuss, grab-and-go snack that’s sure to delight the kids and the kids-at-heart.

Yema Palitaw

These bite-sized pillows of sticky rice are filled with sweet custard that comes with a special dipping of grated coconut mixed with sugar and sesame seeds.


Looking for something filling that goes well with your coffee or tea? Your best bet is this classic merienda. Signature best-sellers include layers of rich and creamy sapin-sapin, kalamay ube, kalamay mais, kalamay kutsinta, kamoteng kahoy or cassava and biko.

Hazel’s Puto

Those who say that puto is boring have yet to try Hazel’s Puto. This delicious puto is made special with salted egg and cheese toppings. You also have you try their best-selling puto pao with pork asado filling.

Valencia Triangulo

Turon but make it fancy. This local delicacy is stuffed with bananas, langka and pinipig, which is then deep fried to perfection.

Atcharang Dampalit

Looking for a relish that would elevate your everyday ulam? Try this atchara. Made of pickled sea purslane, this delicacy is equal parts healthy and yummy.


A Malabonian take on a Chinese classic, Quekiam makes for a hearty merienda with its sausage-like mixture of ground pork and shredded turnips, wrapped in bean curd sheet, and best paired with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Soft Broas

This version of ladyfingers boasts of special cream filling that adds that extra layer of sweetness to every bite. A perfect dessert to end every meal.

Special Halo-Halo

You don’t have to wait for summer, you can make your own special halo-halo at home. Just add milk and ice and you already have the best Filipino dessert.

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