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What is home? Filipino artists find the answer with ‘Homebound’

In this time of a global pandemic, is a home a symbol of protection or a prison?

Staying at home is a dream in our pre-pandemic world, away from the rat race, far from the noise of the city, and a chance to relax and breathe in our own safe space. But when the pandemic struck, being in isolation at home for almost two years has become unbearable—more than just a cabin fever everyone is coping with. This at-home confinement resulted in the rising cases of people suffering from a bad state of mental health, causing many to ask the question: In this time of a global pandemic, is home a symbol of protection or a prison?

Eugene Cubillo’s ‘Inside Outside’ and ‘Nagka patung-patong’ 

Filipino artists try to find the answer to that question as they come together for an exhibit dubbed “Homebound,” through J Studio art gallery. Define as “someone going home” or a “person who is confined to the home” by Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Homebound” sheds a light on the topic of what home really is today.

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“We can choose to see whether the place we call home is a space of recharging one’s soul from the daily battles outside or, [as] others see it, a place that you can’t escape to,” the gallery says. “This exhibition shows the artistic perspective of the current situation inside or outside the confines of home. A glimpse of what each artist sees and observes in their own sanctuary.”

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A post shared by J Studio (artjstudio) (@artjstudio)

“Homebound” features the works of artists Alex Roxas III, Angelo Tabije, AR Manalo, Art Bongawan, David requllme, Edmund Andrada, Efren Carpio, Eugene Cubillo, Gretel Balajadia, Isobel Francisco, Jeff Marientes, Kim Jerome Santiago, Mark Nativo, Melvin Culaba, Silay Guilaran, and Rainiere Ramiro. These artists, through their masterpieces, present “views of the same thing or idea from different angles [and] give us a holistic concept of what might save our sanity despite the new paradigm shift. After all, this pandemic is just a mirage of how we really feel and react inside. It became our greatest revelation of what A human can truly reach and accomplish.”

“Homebound” runs until Feb. 3 at J Studio in Makati City and is also available online through an e-catalog.

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