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What will happen to the billions of the ‘Son of God?’







Eccentric religious leader Apollo Quiboloy, who styles himself as the “appointed son of God,” may soon be extradited to the United States after being indicted in a federal court for sex trafficking and money smuggling.

Quiboloy has been placed on the Wanted List of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The pastor of the Davao-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name may spend the rest of his life in a federal prison, sex trafficking being a very serious offense.

What will happen to his billions of pesos in the banks and investments in big corporations and real estate?

Quiboloy, one of the country’s richest and most powerful individuals in terms of assets and political connections, is not married and has no children.

Candidates for national office go to him for his “blessing,” in order to win the vote of his followers, who number by the millions.

In the 2016 election, Quiboloy lent his jet and helicopter to then cash-strapped presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte so he could campaign throughout the country.

Quiboloy has two television channels and a radio network, the Sonshine Media Network International. The network also has an online presence.

The broadcast network has been handed to the pastor by the government on a silver platter.

If the charges against him are true, it’s unthinkable for Quiboloy, who tells his flock that sinners would suffer the fires of hell, to violate his very preaching.

Quiboloy claims to have stopped an earthquake in Mindanao on Oct. 29, 2019.

The preacher once made a veiled threat to a television host, a weirdo like him, by saying that celebrities should not be boastful.

Quiboloy said celebrities shouldn’t be boastful, or else bad things might happen to them, like what happened to the sacrilegious Beatle, John Lennon, who was shot dead by a fan.

The grade-A eccentric pastor claims to have 4 million followers in the country, and 2 million in other parts of the world.

Many of his followers abroad are in the US, the reason he came to visit regularly.

On Quiboloy’s last trip to the US on his private jet, federal agents seized gun parts and a big amount of cash on board.

* * *

Quiboloy is not the only eccentric leader in the country; there are others who scare the wits out of their followers with their fire and brimstone sermons.

The reason Filipinos are scared to offend religious leaders is that they believe these individuals represent God on earth.

That belief dates back to the Spanish era, when priests impregnated women followers, because “they served God’s purpose.”

Until Filipinos get rid of the notion that they can’t enter heaven unless they blindly follow the teachings of their church, this country will continue to produce the likes of Quiboloy.

Pinoys need to have more education so they can have the power of discernment.

* * *

Reports that Quiboloy is President Digong Duterte’s spiritual adviser are downright inaccurate.

The two are good friends, and their friendship dates back many years.

I remember the time Davao City Mayor Duterte and I went on a three-day vacation to Macau years ago, and we were fetched at the Hong Kong airport by Quiboloy’s limousine.

The relationship between Digong and Quiboloy doesn’t go beyond friendship.

Digong is not guided by any religious dogma as he is spiritual. There is a big difference between religiosity and spirituality.

If the President doesn’t believe in priests being Christ’s representatives on earth, why would he believe that Quiboloy is the anointed son of God?

* * *

Ferdinand Topacio, one of Quiboloy’s lawyers, says the candidacies of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte are in jeopardy because the FBI would undermine “whichever candidate the US does not want to win in this country.”


Why would Marcos and Duterte-Carpio’s candidacies be in peril because of Quiboloy being placed on the FBI’s wanted list?

Following Topacio’s logic, since Quiboloy endorsed Marcos and Duterte-Carpio during a recent visit with the controversial religious leader, the FBI might work for their defeat.

Quiboloy chose his lawyer well; they’re both eccentric.

* * *

Eccentricity is the name of the game in Philippine politics.

The more “unique” a candidate is, the more likely he’ll win. Voters will likely remember them at the polling booth.

Voters want to see their candidates sing, dance or perform wacky acts on stage.

But Filipinos don’t have the monopoly of voting for peculiar candidates.

A porn star, Ilona Staller, won a seat in the Italian parliament in the 1987 election. She was known to show her breasts in public.

When Gen. Douglas MacArthur was a military commissioner in Japan in the post-war period, some prostitutes won in the first ever democratic election.

This made MacArthur comment to his subordinates: “They must have had many clients.” — Ramon T. Tulfo

* * *

Joke! Joke! Joke!

An applicant for unemployment benefits in Australia filled out the needed form.

Here are his answers to the following questionnaire:

Occupation: Burglar.

Reason for unemployment: Everyone is home.

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