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Discovering Singapore’s hidden gems

With the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) now open between Singapore and the Philippines, vaccinated Filipinos can enjoy easier and more convenient travel to the Lion City.

Beyond the established iconic attractions Filipinos all know and love, there is so much more to Singapore than meets the eye.

To help promote the Lion City's hidden gems, Singapore Tourism Board released video series with comedian Victor Anastacio called “VicTour Singapore,” where he takes viewers around for hidden thrills in a travel-guide like no other.

Reimagining Orchard Road

More than a spot for luxury shopping, Orchard Road is an innovation hub for priceless curated experiences, fueled by a determination to find the next game changer.

Launching just last August with all the proper safety protocols in place, visitors of all ages can check out the Museum of Ice Cream to learn about the history of ice cream and play in its fun exhibits. More importantly, everyone can eat all the ice cream they want.

Singaporeans’ passion for the arts is very much embedded in the murals that line the streets.

Singaporeans’ passion for the arts is very much embedded in the murals that line the streets.

As a melting pot of cultures, Singapore embraces its identity with the word Peranakan: a unique blend of Chinese, Malay, and other Southeast Asian cultures. Experience first-hand where passion and possibilities meet by tasting the flavors of Singapore and its rich history at Candlenut, the only Peranakan restaurant awarded a Michelin star. The reimagination does not stop there. For those up for some spicy novelty, No. 5 Bar's 30-day infused original chili vodka is the concoction to try.

Old and new flavors of Chinatown

Singaporeans' passion for the arts is very much embedded in the murals that line the streets. Some of these include the celebrated masterpieces of Yip Yew Chong, that depict personal and authentic Singaporean sights.

A trip to Chinatown will never be the same again with an aesthetic tea party at the Sweetea Café. Itching for something new? Check out the socially conscious multi-concept store The Social Space. This boutique-café-nail salon has a wide range of sustainability goods to take home. They also practice inclusive employment, for an all-around positive impact for conscious living.

For some exciting nightlife, check out Native Bar, where locals and foreigners alike come to try homegrown ingredients in their cocktails and spirits.

Make sure to order their uniquely Singaporean drink “The Peranakan,” which Victor himself was able to try during his visit. The cocktail tells a story of Singapore that come together through each of its native ingredients such as blue pea flowers, candlenut, laksa leaves, gula melaka and more.

The neighborhoods of Singapore

Beyond Singapore's world-class attractions and bustling metropolis surrounded by lush greenery, there lies its rich history and collective pride and innovation.

Singapore has so much to offer from each of its neighborhoods, famous and unexplored — where the locals hang out within art districts, heritage sites, surrounded unique architecture. From design, cuisine, performance, and more, Singapore's streets are filled with passion.

Whether one is passionate in shopping, food, arts and culture, or nightlife, there is a neighborhood waiting to be uncovered. Hop on board with “VicTour Singapore” and watch our series on YouTube to see what else Singapore has to offer.

For comprehensive updates on Singapore travel, entry, as well as departure guidelines and requirements, visitors can refer to https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/vtl/requirements-and-process.

Rediscover Singapore at visitsingapore.com or http://www.facebook.com/VisitSingaporePH.

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