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This isn’t your usual hole-in-the-wall bike and brew spot

Have a cup of coffee while they build your dream bike

Photos by Joe Priela and Mac Amaranto

Papsy’s Bike + Brews

“I feel like an artist and my bike is the brush,” physician and author Scott Stoll once said. Whether it be for time spent bonding with family, sharing an adventure with friends, or even just time to be alone with your thoughts, your bike will always be there for you. All you have to do is ride, feel the rush of the wind, and let the road lead you to wherever you wish to be.

Titos of Papsy’s enjoying each other’s company over coffee 

Along the bustling streets of Novaliches rests Papsy’s Bikes + Brews, a newly opened shop that offers a selection of premium bikes and premier service, carrying brands such as Rodeo Labs, Surly, Monē, and Salsa. They also have a wide array of bike parts by White Industries, Phil Wood & Co, and Paul Component, as well as accessories including bike bags by Road Runner, Handup gloves, bottle cages, and many more.

A wide array of premium bikes await you 

It is safe to say that whatever you need, they have. In the rare case that what you’re looking for isn’t there, they can easily source it for you, saving you from the trouble of scouring the city or the internet for it. In addition, their services are nothing far from top-notch. Whether you need a bike spa, a part adjusted, or even have your dream bike built from scratch, the mechanics will treat it with utmost care because they too are bikers.

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee and Pomodoro Prawn 

Oh, and say you’re building your dream bike. Why not have a cup of coffee while you wait? Chris, the barista and cook, will cater to your much-needed caffeine fix and food cravings. Whether you like your coffee strong like the rough trails, light and easy like paved roads, or just fun like strolling in the city, just let him know and he’ll take care of it. While you’re at it, get a plateful of their flavorsome pasta, available in aglio olio, prawn pomodoro, and the classic carbonara.

Have a cup of coffee while you wait for bike that’s being meticulously built by their experienced and trained mechanics 

What’s the story behind Papsy’s? In one rather care-free narrative, it is said that this bike store and coffee shop was an answer to the question, “Why won’t we just build a place where we could hang [out] and chill after ripping the trails of La Mesa Nature Reserve?” The owners and the people who built Papsy’s are friends who constantly go on rides to their favorite spots such as the Angat Dam view deck and the Norsagaray route. Their go-to, however, is the Neopolitan Cycling Grounds, where they met Chris at his pop-up café there. Coming to a decision, one of the co-owners amplified the saying, “If you build it, they will come”—and build it they did. The rest, as they say, fit together like a chainring smoothly shifting to a new gear.

Members of OPM band Soapdish casually jamming 

Fast forward to today, Papsy’s Bikes + Brews exhibits a face that’s more than a bike shop. It has become a hub for beginners, enthusiasts, and of course, titos who just wish to tambike. Pro tip when you visit: Stay a bit longer. When I immersed myself in conversations among those who frequent the shop, I noticed that it slowly unveiled a number of its hidden characteristics. It became a place where friends gather, a hub where people from all walks of life meet. One would notice that there’s definitely a community brewing here.

As with the quote from Scott Stoll that relates art and biking, we use different kinds of brushes, different kinds of paint, and different kinds of canvases. Holding that thought, we can opt for different kinds of bikes and different kinds of pavements. It’s up to you what medium will you choose, and this bike shop can definitely help you with that.

Papsy’s Bikes + Brews was just established last Feb. 16 and is currently on its soft opening. It is located at Kingfisher, Novaliches, Quezon City. | Instagram: @papsys.bikes

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph


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