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BTS announces ‘comeback’

Filipino ARMYs, save the date

On Easter Sunday, April 17, the Bangtan Boys (BTS) concluded its “Permission to Dance Tour” in Las Vegas, Nevada. This, however, isn’t the end for their 2022 lineup.

BTS at the recent Granmy Awards 

The group ended their concert saying how this is not the end of its burning flame, and that there’s more to come as BTS is “here to stay forever.”

Soon after the concert ended, an announcement streamed in the concert venue and on BTS’s Weversestreaming platform globally, that they will be having a comeback on stage this year, on June 10.

Netizens have reacted positively, as this marks not just a new set of songs for BTS but a new chapter on the seven Korean men’s lives, which everyone, fans and haters alike, have subscribed to.

A comeback means new songs, new performances, and even more concerts for people around the world to expect. Who knows, this could be when BTS comes back to the Philippines on an Asian tour!

Congratulations to BTS on its recent tour, and we’re certain that their achievements will continue to pave the way for Asian Pop—beyond K-Pop—to flourish in the global music scene. #Borahae

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