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The uplifting power of words

What the awardees have to say about being part of MB’s UPLIFT

Manila Bulletin’s President Emilio C. Yap III together with the awardees 

On April 7, the Manila Bulletin held its very first UPLIFT Awards at the Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel, Asia’s “Grand Dame.”

Before anything, the president of Manila Bulletin Dr. Emilio C. Yap III welcomed the awardees and guests saying, “Indeed, this evening’s festive mood is meant to celebrate those who, despite 2021’s challenging situation because of the Covid-19 pandemic, managed to make the lives of many of us a lot more hopeful. These first awardees for the Manila Bulletin UPLIFT dedicated most of their time and talents during the previous year into various efforts that, in one way or another, helped ease the lives of Filipinos during a time that tested the mettle of many of us. Among this roster of awardees are individuals and organizations that worked to Unite, Perform to the best of their duties, Leading and Inspiring their kababayans toward a better future by bringing to Focus issues and concerns that Trended in 2021. Those are the essence of UPLIFT.”

Trophy in hand, here’s what the awardees had to say about being the among the first to be included among UPLIFT’s roster of gamechangers and heralds of hope.

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for Arts, Culture & Education, Ben&Ben 

This award means so much to us because these past two years were really about figuring out how to help and serve through our art. We tried our best to do that via fundraising efforts through our “Puhon” projects and also through the release of our album “Pebble House, Vol 1: Kuwaderno” and the online concert “Kuwaderno”—all of that was a collaborative effort with the artists that we’ve covered and worked with. More than anything else, what we want to impart to everyone who’s listening and who’s starting out as an artist is figure out how to serve through your art and the rest will follow. May Filipino music and art keep on thriving! —Ben&Ben, OPM pop rock band, UPLIFT Awardee for Arts, Culture & Education

NB UPLIFT’s awardee for Entertainment, John Arcilla 

I believe our colorful and diverse culture is a very fertile source to create deeply significant films and extraordinary content so the films that we produce would be viable to the global audiences and our counterparts. I would like to thank the Manila Bulletin, together with filmmakers and artists who believe that Filipinos are not different from other nationalities worldwide. Soon, I wish that our content and films proliferate with the unique and world-class distinction as “Filipino-made.” —John Arcilla, actor, UPLIFT awardee for Entertainment

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for MSMEs, AGREA 

We established AGREA with the goal of being innovative, inclusive, for-purpose agribusiness that stands on the pillars of sustainable agriculture, fair trade, and a replicable model of an agricultural-based economy. An agribusiness with a heart that builds ecology of dignity to all the stakeholders in the food supply chain, the producers, and all of us, the consumers. —Cherrie Atillano, founding farmer, AGREA, UPLIFT Awardee for MSMEs

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for Science & Technology, Dr. Raul Destura 

The meaning of this award, which is “To reflect the unending hope of the Filipino people in the face of tragedy,” is very real and close to my heart. Back in January 2019 when the first case of Covid-19 was reported, while everyone was panicking, we asked ourselves, “How can we, as scientists, serve our countrymen? How can we, as scientists, bring back hope to our country?”

I hope we can continue to plant seeds of research and biotechnology in the Philippine landscape. And I hope for the support of our fellow Filipinos in advancing the quality of science and scientists in the country. As I always say, “Agham at teknolohiya para sa bayan.” —Dr. Raul Destura, UPLIFT Awardee for Science & Technology

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for Big Business, Ayala Corp. 

If there is one thing that the pandemic clearly illustrated, it is that tremendous good can be created out of a strong spirit of partnership and collaboration between corporations and civil society, as well as the government and private sectors. —Fernando Zobel de Ayala, president and CEO, Ayala Corp., UPLIFT Awardee for Big Business

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for Public Service, Presidential Adviser & GoNegosyo Founder Joey Concepcion 

I felt that for us to succeed as a nation, we have to improve the lives of our people, taking them away from poverty and creating prosperity for every Filipino out there.

This award, actually, should be given to the private sector. Because, if not for their great participation with the government, we wouldn’t have reached the level that we’re in today.

As a united group, we can beat Covid-19. We are on our way to succeeding, and I hope this year will be a much better one, so we can truly uplift the lives of our people. —Presidential Assistant Joey Concepcion, UPLIFT Awardee for Public Service

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for E-Commerce, City Government of Makati 

It is an honor to receive this award, which I offer to my beloved Makatizens. They are the reason behind my flagship PPP project – the “Makatizen Card.” When we launched this, our intention was to create a multipurpose card that functions as a government ID, granting card-holders easy access to a cashless eco-system as it also promotes E-Commerce.

The “Makatizen Card” is more than what we imagined. It became a game-changer and a life-saver during the pandemic. —Makati Mayor Abby Binay, City Government of Makati, UPLIFT Awardee for E-Commerce

MB UPLIFT’s awardee for Healthcare, OCTA Research 

Independent science is to be nurtured, mentored, and strengthened in our country if we are to move forward and if we are to link science with national development.

We, OCTA Research, would like to reaffirm our commitment to continue to do our scientific work, to continue to uplift our initiative towards truth-seeking and truth-telling in the service of our country. —Prof. Ranjit Rye, president, OCTA Research Groip, UPLIFT Awardee for HeathcareMB UPLIFT’s awardee for Agriculture, Muneer & Raaina Hinay of Kids Who Farm

We’ve always believed in the power of young people to affect positive and lasting change. Thus, we should invest in the youth. —Muneer and Raaina Hinay, father and daughter founders of Kids Who Farm, UPLIFT Awardee for Agriculture

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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