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Aris Babikian Re-election Campaign Opening and Community BBQ

Scarborough-Agincourt, April 30, 2022 –More than 300 Scarborough-Agincourt residents, community leaders, business leaders, and media representatives attended an open-air gathering today to kick start the re-election campaign of PC candidate and MPP Aris Babikian.

MPPs Raymond Cho (Scarborough North), Vincent Ke (Don Valley North), Billy Pang (Markham-Unionville), Vijay Thanigasalam (Scarborough-Rouge Park), and Christina Mitas (Scarborough-Centre) addressed the gathering.

In their speeches, the speakers praised Babikian’s tenacity, commitment, and dedication to serving the interests of Scarborough-Agincourt residents. They cited the historic achievements which he helped bring about for his community.

They referred to the $1 billion investment for the New Birchmount Hospital, the extension of the Sheppard subway line from Don Mills to the McCowan station, the building of the Bridletwone Community and Health Hub, the allocation of $20 million to renovate and expand the Terry Fox and David Lewis schools, and last but not least the creation of a medical school in Scarborough.

Babikian said: “I am honored and privileged to have been the Scarborough-Agincourt representative for the last four years. I am grateful to the residents who have given me the vote of confidence to represent them and defend their interests and bring unprecedented historical improvements to our community.”

He added: “In four years, I was able to achieve what others could not have done in decades. Others pay lip service and make hollow promises to our residents. I deliver results. I am a man of action and not words.”

He concluded: “We need a representative who lives in Scarborough-Agincourt. Someone who understands the trials and tribulations of our community and its needs, as I have done for the last 32 years…not someone who has been handpicked and parachuted by Mr. Steven Del Duca to represent us. Therefore, I am appealing to you, the residents of Scarborough-Agincourt, to put your trust once again in me and grant me the vote of confidence for a second term so that we can attain additional milestones to improve the quality of life of our families and businesses and make Scarborough-Agincourt the envy of the world.”

The gathering culminated with a Babikian team-organized community BBQ featuring free hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and soft drinks.

Contact: Betty or Anita, 416 979 9880

Campaign Office Address:  2950 Birchmount Rd., M1W 3G5





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