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From home dining to dine-out

Almost like pre-pandemic times — on-demand food delivery service provider foodpanda is offering deals and discounts to users who now wish to dine out.
Almost like pre-pandemic times — on-demand food delivery service provider foodpanda is offering deals and discounts to users who now wish to dine out. 

Online shopping is not the only habit many people adopted because of the pandemic. In the past two years, food delivery services became the go-to solution of homebound families who needed a break from cooking to enjoy a little indulgence or even to celebrate special occasions while staying-in.

Food delivery service providers definitely took off and ran with it these last two years.

“As a predominantly food delivery company, in this unfortunate event of the pandemic we just happened to be on the other side. We gained from the pandemic and we were able to help so many of our partner restaurants thrive in difficult times through delivery,” said Hardik Batra, foodpanda’s commercial director at an onsite media event.

To further enhance their services back then, the platform launched pandapro subscription in 2020.

“Pandpapro is our all-in one subscription in the app whereby you pay a small amount monthly and then you get to enjoy limitless and exclusive benefits on the app in terms of free delivery, exclusive discounts, vouchers and so on,” Batra detailed.

But what happens when the segment they are catering to are ready to explore dining out there anew? Will this signal the downtrend of food deliveries?

Not quiet for foodpanda. In fact, they already launched a new program to reward those who wish to dine in at restaurants these days.

“Now that restrictions are easing up and more people are open to the idea of meeting for meals again, we offer our dine-in programs exclusively for all pandpapro subscribers,” Sofia Daez, foodpanda’s marketing manager for panda pro and dine-in, said.

“All our subscribers are entitled to a flat discount on the total bill value in partner restaurants, which in most cases is about 25 percent off, for all regular menu items and is applicable on both food and drinks,” she added.

The platform has partnered with 2,000 restaurants across Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao with special offers for members.

“It is our way to engage with restaurants better and help them to grow their business further. Delivery is already there, it will be here to stay but this is also our way to bring more foot traffic into the restaurants and help them thrive further,” Batra said.

Redemption of discounts by pandapro subscribers can be done in five easy steps as the app will show.

Daez meanwhile promised, “We will not stop here. We want to continue enriching every dine-in experience not just by providing amazing discounts but also exclusive events for our panda pro club subscribers to take part in.”

Overall, foodpanda hopes that this offer will benefit both subscribers and the restaurant industry.

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