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How moms can face modern parenting with confidence

Amidst the day to day pressures of motherhood, moms always strive toachieve what is best for their children no matter what. PHOTO FROMPEXELS.COM
Amidst the day to day pressures of motherhood, moms always strive toachieve what is best for their children no matter what. PHOTO FROMPEXELS.COM 

The hustle and bustle of a busy fa-mily life can sometimes consume the mental, physical and emotional energy of even the most steadfast mother. But amidst the day to day pressures of motherhood, moms always strive to achieve what is best for their children no matter what.

With this in mind, distilled drinking bottled water brand Absolute held “#MommyDiscoveries Workshop” via Facebook live to help Filipino moms sail through the many challenges of modern motherhood.

Among the speakers who graced the virtual event were dermatologist Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, child and family studies expert Dr. Gail Frances Galang and homeschooling mom and content creator Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza.

How to parent Gen Zs

More than just the screens, Mendoza appealed to mothers that there are many ways of engaging the kids. According to her, one of the most notable things about Gen Z kids is that they value family and they want to have a tight relationship with moms and it must be capitalized on three important mindsets.

First is that screen time is not the only way to have fun together.

“Screen is not bad. It is valuable if it encourages our kids to learn, to create, to build. However, beyond that it has negative effects that contribute to mental, emotional, physical and relational issues, especially when screen is the default mode that our kids prefer and all their attention is towards screens and it isolates them from the rest of the family and isolates us from them,” Mendoza explained.

Second, if moms take away screen time, replace it with something positive that involves togetherness.

Absolute mommies shared exciting tips and trends during the‘#MommyDiscoveries Workshop.’
Absolute mommies shared exciting tips and trends during the‘#MommyDiscoveries Workshop.’ 

Some ideas that have worked out for Mendoza’s family is forcing to do many things together as a family – becoming connected by getting outdoors together (biking or other sports, beach, picnics, hiking and trekking), by being creative together (arts and crafts), by homemaking together (chores and basic skills), by serving others (teaching kids to be empathetic and kind), and by having date nights (eat out or watch movies).

Finally, one important mindset to be aware of is that kids can be successfully trained to prefer activities beyond their screen. According to her, it may not happen overnight, but it is possible.

“Part of the task of the parent is our responsibility to educate. Kids need to be trained to desire and enjoy things that are higher or better than cotton candy. What’s the cotton candy? In our day and age it’s video games, Instagram and text messaging. These are the content of pop culture today. So in other words, it’s possible to train and encourage our kids. It’s actually our responsibility,” Mendoza said.

“Whoever has the most time with our kids will ultimately have the greatest influence on their hearts,” she added.

Maintaining the beauty

Mommies are likewise faced with daily challenges and stressors that can greatly affect their skin such as temperature and pollution, plus the responsibilities and tasks of juggling work and home life. All of these can make them mentally, emotionally and physically stressed.

According to Vitas, it is very important to maintain a basic skincare that should consist of proper cleansing and nourishing the skin, “Make sure your skincare routine becomes your need time even if it’s just five minutes and use it as a moment to relax.”

Another tip to help alleviate the effects of skin stress is to eat a healthily, “Make sure that you fill up in your fridge with healthy food options and encourage family members to do this.”

Relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, watching movies or, getting a massage or reading a book, can also do wonders.

Lastly, the dermatologist highlighted the importance of engaging in physical activities and getting enough sleep.

“Seven hours of good sleep is enough. It’s important because sleep gives your body it’s much needed time to rest, recover and repair so getting good sleep also improves your mood, increases your energy. Also get some form of physical activity like short walks, some stretching as these can also elevate your mood and make you feel better.”

Preparing for face-to-face classes

Meanwhile, with the Department of Education’s proposal of using blended learning with more face to face classes in the next school year, it is always best for mommies to plans and goals for their children.

Galang said moms should first anticipate what their child may need or how their child may feel in the coming weeks.

“Some of your kids may feel awkward. So, try to praise good behavior. Like for example, whenever they ask questions, say that ‘I’m glad you asked that question.’ Also, help kids practice being with other kids,” Galang reminded.

Next is to identify which matters need full attention.

“Sleep is important. For young kids, it’s seven or nine hours, maybe even more. We all know the feeling of being cranky and you know that will not help especially if they’re going to be back in school. Another one is adequate nutrition so let’s start teaching them to eat healthy a lot of vegetables and fruits,” Galang said.

“Moms should also let them exercise especially for growing kids. Constant hydration is also important,” she added.

In the end, Galang said it is best to “prepare the child for the path instead of the path for your child.”

“Prepare your children for any adversity so that they won’t easily break when they become teenagers or young adults so that they will be confident, clear minded and calm,” Galang finally said.

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