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Maxene Magalona on breaking down video

Maxene Magalona (Instagram)

“Hindi na natin dapat inaalam ang mga detalye, ang dapat nating inaalam yung mga lessons.”

This was the message of actress Maxene Magalona to her followers after they expressed concern over her recent post.

On Instagram, the daughter of late Filipino rapper Francis Magalona and Pia Arroyo uploaded a compilation video of her crying while Adele’s “Easy On Me” plays in the background.

“Current mood #feels #reels #forreals #itsokaynottobeokay,” she wrote as caption.

Many netizens then reacted to it, asking her what really happened.

Which prompted her to go live and assured her fans that she was okay.

“Hello, thank you guys for sending hugs… I just decided to go live, just to say ‘Hi’ and to let you guys know I’m okay,” she started. “And so many of you sent me hugs and love and I really, really appreciate all of them.”

“I just want you guys to see that I’m okay. I’m so sorry if any of you got startled or got surprised with the reel that I posted. But actually, I just… not that I’m explaining or that I have to explain myself, I just want to show you that I’m okay,” she added.

“And something inside me lang kanina, while I was crying today, something inside me just thought of creating that reel.”

According to her, those videos were shot last year.

“And I just sort of documented myself crying because I didn’t understand how and why I kept crying for two weeks straight during that time,” she related. “So I never posted those videos. But today, I felt like creating that reel, because I just wanted to share these emotions. Because I believe it’s really okay not to be okay all the time.”

She thinks God whispered to her to post that because a lot of people will be able to relate.

“And I just … it’s not easy to be alone. And to be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad, depressed. So I just wanted to show that you are never alone. We are in this together. And if you need to cry, please cry kasi that’s really something that I struggled with growing up. And then now that I am at this age, I realized that the sooner we face these painful emotions inside of us, the sooner we deal with them and we feel them. Then we will move forward with much clarity and lightness in the heart,” Maxene reiterated.

The Kapamilya star admitted she still feels “pain” and “sadness.”

“And I don’t think ever mawawala yun and that’s fine. Life will be so much more beautiful when we learn how to deal with our pain. When we learn how to process. Because when you face your pain now, then it will be much easier to face it when it happens again in the future. Because we have to accept that pain is a part of life. Failure is a part of life – sadness, grief. And so let’s not allow the emotions to get bottled up inside so that we won’t get depressed,” she said.

“We have to release it slowly, slowly so that it doesn’t get piled up. And so my advice is to really stay in tune with your emotions, connect to you emotions.”

So what really happened?

Maxene said details are not important.

“Ang dapat nating inaalam yung mga lessons… My story is different from your story, but the pain is the same. The suffering is the same. So we are not here to discuss about the details. We are not here to gossip. We are not here to ask what happened. We are just here to be here for each other. The hold space without needing to ask for information, without needing to ask about why we’re sad. We’re just here to be with that sadness and to offer each other kindness. We just want someone to hear us, listen to us, feel with us. So love is all we need. God is all we need. And God is love.”

She also shared tips on how to cope with Complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Yun din yung mental health condition ko,” Maxene said.

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