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A gargantuan task for Tirso Cruz III

Hopes and wishes for the incoming FDCP Chair

With the appointment of Tirso Cruz III as the next Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairperson and CEO (he’s just waiting for the official appointment documents), we have asked stakeholders in the film industry to share their wishes to the veteran actor and singer. A big role to fill for the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor as outgoing chair Mary Liza Diño has been actively reaching out to festivals abroad, giving grants to regional and local filmmakers and campaigning for the Philippines to be put on a destination map for international projects the past six years.

Tirso Cruz III (Screengrab from RTVM) 

Here are the industry’s hopes for the former matinee idol known as “Pip.”Dingdong Dantes

First, I’d like to thank and honor the administration of FDCP chair Liza Diño for all that they have done for the development of the sector. The last two years were very challenging for the whole industry yet the council remained steadfast in pushing for ways and means to uplift it. The quest to find solutions for the recovery and rebuilding of the industry has not ended, and that is why on behalf of AKTOR, a 150-member strong organization, we welcome the appointment of Tirso Cruz III. We understand the gargantuan task ahead. That’s why we, as stakeholders, are willing to help in whatever way we can to find solutions and push for the further development and growth of the sector. One proposed solution is to streamline services, policies, and programs for the industry under one agency that has a comprehensive mandate and strengthened authority. While the FDCP already serves as a policy-making and program implementation arm of the government, we know that it can go beyond and serve the whole industry from screen to stage.

We believe in the Filipino talent, and once it is given more focus, support, and enthusiasm— I think that we can shine more in the global stage, while building on the excellent work that the industry is already doing now. —Dingdong Dantes, actor

Joel Lamangan 

I hope the new FDCP leadership will find time to study real problems of the film industry and find solutions to those problems. He will seek dialogues with industry sectors and discuss on how to improve industry matters. Audience development programs must be encouraged, the high cost of movie tickets that keep the audience away from the theaters must be a priority for the new FDCP officials to study, to bring back the audience to the theater. Concrete steps on what the government can do to the dying industry must be done! —Joel Lamangan, director

Jerome Dulin 

I wish that the FDCP under its new leadership would continue and retain its services and programs that would help us continue to showcase the unique narratives from the regions. FDCP has been helpful in empowering regional filmmakers in the previous years that has led to a movement in rediscovering our diverse Filipino identity. —Jerome Dulin, founder, North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc.

Butch Ibañez 

May the new FDCP head continue to implement projects and incentives that will stimulate the continued growth of the independent film sector. Now more than ever, the post-pandemic situation is not indie-friendly, especially for regional filmmakers. —Butch Ibañez, general manager, Solar Pictures

Will Fredo 

FDCP has been a progressive agency with Liza Diño-Seguerra, spearheading a lot of programs that support both studio and independent scene. My wish is for those programs to continue. The Philippines is now an active agency in the global markets and I hope that it will continue to blossom as the new chairperson learn the ropes of what goes on out there. There’s a danger to simply go back to the old ways and what we know locally, and I just pray that doesn’t happen. Best wishes to the new administration. There’s a lot that needs to be done with the changing landscape in the industry. This post-Covid era is new to everyone, a great time to create opportunity and be innovative to keep the Philippine film industry alive. —Will Fredo, director/producer

Baby Ruth Villarama 

I hope the new chairman will have experts (inter-agency and private) as a working board by his side who can objectively advise outside personal interests in the following areas: Story development and capacity building: Support writers and researchers in terms of mentorship, residency, script criticism, salary-grade protection, and health care; Build a stronger bridge with international and regional networks to achieve this by offering win-win tax incentives to businesses who will support film productions; Create gateways for content/talent exchange program with embassies and the int’l network. It will improve standards of doing things.

Lastly, in marketing and distribution, enhance the relationship with distributors (local and importers) and cinemas, strike partnerships to sustainably program local films from festival to mainstream and platform permutations. FDCP needs to support qualified curators, film festivals, cinemas, educational institutions and platforms to build a long-lasting impact and access to archiving and film education. —Baby Ruth Villarama, documentary filmmaker

Rio Locsin 

I’m hoping na makilala pa ang mga pelikulang Pilipino sa pandaigdigang larangan, dahil kaya naman natin at maisulong din sana ang mga benepisyo na nararapat lamang sa mga naggugol ng panahon at talento sa industriyang ito…nasa kanya ang aking pagsuporta at pananalig. (I’m hoping that Philippine cinema gets better known worldwide because we can do it. I hope more benefits will be given to our talented film workers. [Cruz] has my faith and support him.) —Rio Locsin, actress

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