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Fans gang up on Boy Abunda over Ella Cruz interview

Ella Cruz and her controversial “history is like tsismis” statement continue to ignite fans.

Fanning the flames is her appearance in Boy Abunda’s “The Interviewer.”

In there, the two discussed the issue with Ella crying at one point over what she deemed as unfair judgement.

Now fans are also ganging up on Boy.

They didn’t like it that he supposedly enabled Ella to play the victim card.

Another accused Boy of not even attempting to educate the actress on the difference between history and tsismis.

Both trended on social media.

Some of the comments:

“Boy Abunda is wrong for allowing public opinion to shape based on emotions instead of facts”

“Honestly, I do not expect anything any longer from this girl. Although, what I didn’t expect was Boy Abunda giving her a platform to do this dramatic play by her. I’m disappointed.”

“The better response would have been to humbly acknowledge her ignorance of Martial Law history instead of playing the victim.”

“Boy Abunda, the moment you gave Ella Cruz the platform to act like a victim on national TV, you already enabled historical revisionism and disregarded the truth about history.”

“Grabe talaga si Boy Abunda, noh? As long as it gets views, who cares about the consequences diba?”

Boy is still silent on the issue as of writing.

Ella, on the other hand, reacted via an Instagram post: “Kapag umiyak, pa-victim. Kapag pumalag mayabang. Hirap kabonding. Bagoong gusto mo?”

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